What Does It Take To Win?


What does it take to win? To be successful in life?  Is it being born into the right family?  Having money?  Having tons of talent?

What makes some successful and others average?  Why do some win nobel peace prizes, and others are doing good to get employee of the week.

It all boils down to your focus.  If you focus on things that don’t matter, trivialities, and minor details you will struggle with getting ahead.

In our day and age there are probably more distractions than there have ever been since the beginning of time.  If our phone’s not buzzing, our tablet is chirping, or our laptop is blasting something, or our TV is desensitizing us.  Social media keeps us in a constant frenzy of having to “stay in the loop” which in reality keeps us more out of it than anything.

So what does it take to be successful?  It takes focus.  It takes hard work, every single day to fight distractions, fight things that are unnecessary for you to obtain your goal.  It takes being hard core when it comes to saying no to trivial things.

Focus on the goal, and don’t stray.  That is how success becomes obtainable.  Go for it.

Be You


We try so hard to fit in.  We keep track of what is trending, listen to the top 100 hits, buy the latest fashion trends and keep up the appearance of our homes with what is hot on pinterest.

While none of these things are bad in and of themselves, we need to realize we are not the same as everyone else, nor should we be.  Our culture tends to think we all should think, act, and look alike.   Uniqueness, and self-image is praised, and yet at the same time those who stand out are usually shunned.

The answer to all this confusion? Be you. Stop giving in, stop changing, stop trying to please.

What makes you happy?  What makes you feel alive?  These are the things you should be chasing after.  Not what other people find exciting, popular or in vogue.

Don’t ever be embarrassed for staying true to yourself.  In the end you will look back on your life and either see that you lived your own unique life, or strove to please people and still didn’t end up happy.

Be you.  It’s amazing.

The Voices


This life is filled with so much noise.  We have hundreds of talks shows on TV and the radio that are someone’s opinion, millions of books trying to persuade people to think a certain way.

Politicians with million dollar campaigns telling you how to vote.  Pasters of mega churches telling you what your faith should look like.

The business world tells you the perfect model for becoming a business woman/man.

And then there’s the millions of opinions floating around social media and your workplace.

It’s enough to drive one crazy.

Just remember, some of the greatest people in history were told they were dumb and would never amount to anything.

They said Einstein was stupid.  They called Walt Disney a failure.  But the great people we look up to had only 2 simple things that led to their success.

1.  They knew what their burning passion was and went after it.

2.  They didn’t let anyone tell them what they should do.

Stop listening to the voices. You have your own voice, start using it.  Do whatever you have to, but ignore the naysayers.  Shut out the voices, and become who you were born to be.

Love Affair


There is a huge love affair that is very prevalent.  The conspirator in this affair is very seductive, affecting both men and women. It’s a genius at stealing attention and making itself the center of a person’s world.  It is very very smooth.  It’s successfully hurt relationships and marriages, is a source of conflict and as a result can make your loved one feel very alone.

So who is the perpetrator?  Your phone.

That’s right you phone.

Rarely do I go out anymore and see individuals fully engaged with one another.  Instead there are constant distractions and buzzes from those little things we carry around in our pockets.

Facebook notifications, tweet updates, new pinterest posts, photos on instagram, added people in our circle on linkedin.  Not to mention the countless lame and utterly pointless youtube videos.

Communication is dying, much like the dinosaur.

We become more and more self absorbed in our selfie, false reality, I’m better than you showy digital world.

We use filters and adjustments to make us look thinner and sexier.  We showcase all the good things in our lives, while keeping all the bad habits and ugly parts off so the world doesn’t see them, and we have this completely fake persona of a perfect life that is anything but.

Who are we really fooling?  Ourselves?  Our friends?  People who are in our friends, but we have no idea why?

Trying to impress people and win approval from people we don’t care about, or compete with strangers we don’t know.

The love affair is getting worse.  It sticks it’s grimy fingers in everything. And as with all dangerous affairs there is a need to cut it off.

I love some of the benefits of social media, the ability to convey thoughts and ideas, share moments with loved ones across time and space. It’s a useful tool.  But like most tools, if you can’t handle it properly it can become dangerous.

How has social media grown you as a person, or made you a better person, or gotten you closer to your life goal?  Maybe it’s time to start asking if it’s getting us closer to those things, or distracting us from getting there.

Social Media Is Our New Girlfriend


We have a tendency to lose ourselves in social media from time to time.  We forget that real life and real relationships are all around us.  We lose ourselves in trying to find out what all our friends have done today by reading their posts, rather than getting coffee with them.

We have a tendency to create our Facebook face, the parts that only the world can see, and hide all the parts we are ashamed of.  It’s easier, in a friendship you have to be real in order to maintain a strong friendship.  In social media you can be fake.

Sometimes we need to unplug.  When you come home after a long day work you don’t need to run to your laptop, you need to connect with your family, your significant other, or whoever you share your home with.

Don’t just post a status telling your friend you are thinking about them, call them up, set up a coffee date, go do something fun with them.

Social media has literally become like a girlfriend or boyfriend for many of us, and sadly at the expense of the important people in our life.

Social media is good, but don’t put it in a place it doesn’t belong.

Keeping It Real


Sometimes it’s really easy to put on a fake face.  To act like everything is so good, when in reality we feel like crap on the inside.  We keep up our “facebook”, or “instagram” face that the world sees, and hide the real us.

We all have short-comings, so why are we so afraid to show these?  Maybe it’s you, maybe it’s a friend.  You know there are deep hurts, pain going on, and yet the smiley selfies seem to come with a new sense of frenzy.

Dying on the inside while keeping up a plastic smile will never help you to overcome.  There are times when you have to move through things and can’t just wallow in your sadness or pain, but you also need to admit that you are having problems while working at moving through them.

Don’t worry about people judging you, some will, but just know they are not true friends.  It will also open up new friendships.  Most importantly it will give you a new sense of freedom, and true peace. No fake musings.  Give it a go, and keep it real.