Overcoming the Pain


Pain is weakness leaving the body.

Greatness is often achieved through blood, sweat, and tears.  It’s really easy to think that those who have done great things in history had it easy.  The truth is that when anyone sets out to accomplish big things they have doubts, fears, and misgivings. 
  We all doubt ourselves while we are in the process and questions hit us like rapid fire “what if I’m making a mistake?”, “what if I fail?”
   But despite the fears, a far more important question to ask is “what if I never try?”  Nothing is harder than regret.  It eats at us and leaves us in doubt.
    No failure or short coming is equal to never trying. Failure just teaches us what doesn’t work, whereas never trying leaves us knowing nothing.
   So don’t let fear stop you from going after your goals. Jump in, take big risks, and go for it.

Why Do We Struggle?



If there’s one thing I’ve caught myself asking it’s “why does this have to be so hard?” Let’s face it, life can get rough sometimes.  We start something new like getting in shape and it seems everyone at work decided to bring in donuts.
  We decide to try a new career and are faced with failed interview after interview.
  We decide to make a bold step and find ourselves standing on a ledge holding on for dear life.
   But greatness isn’t achieved in peace and quiet.  It’s not gained by watching reruns of Friends or Breaking Bad on Netflix.
   It’s not done by seeing how many pins you can get or through beating the latest video game.
  Success is achieved through sweat through hard work and through diligence.
  Remember everything is temporary. The trials you are experiencing today will not last forever. You can and will get through them.

Do Anything


It’s super easy to put things off. We say one day or tomorrow or next week.
   Before we know it years go by and we are still saying “someday”.
   Putting things off is an excuse. The saying that “there is no time like the present” has far more weight to it than you might realize. 
  If you want to achieve your goals you have to take bold daring steps today, where you are at, with what you have.  Add to it every day. Go for gold each day. Don’t waste time with pointless pursuits but give yourself to something bigger than yourself. 
   Start today right now.

Stand Firm


What is trying to get you to waver? Is it circumstances, people, friends?

Whether you are trying to stand up for something, trying to make a better life, or trying to build your dream, you will obstacles, and trying times when it feels hopeless.

There will be things that stand in your way often from the least expected sources.

Don’t let it discourage you. Keep moving in a forward direction. Even if you feel like you aren’t making progress, you are. The going might be slow, and it may feel as if you are going at a snail pace uphill all the way. But you are making progress, which is far more than if you were standing still.

Remember progress is still forward movement no matter how small. So don’t let discouragement get you down. You are headed for great things if you work hard and keep at it.

Adventure Awaits


AMC is playing a loop of all three jurassic park movies. I don’t really know what it is but I am fascinated by these movies. Maybe it’s the sense of adventure involved. Maybe it’s the sense of needing to save something bigger than yourself. Maybe it’s running through the woods with a gun, I don’t know.

Regardless it excites me. It gets my blood flowing.

For me I yearn for adventure. We all have different desires in life. Crunching numbers, medicine, building a business, teaching.

We are all passionate about something. And we are passionate about it for a reason. Not to let that passion go to waste. But to nurture it, fight for it, and pursue it with everything in us.

Whatever is your passion chase it, run after. Ford the river, leap over the obstacles, run the race, and tear up the track.

Whatever is your passion go after it. No dream is too crazy, no passion is out of date, and no amount of adventure is too much. So go after it. You’ve got this.

Beat Failure


Failure will either defeat you or inspire you to win – Robert Kiyosaki

No matter what we do in life we are going to meet with failure at some point. It happens. Our failures are what define us. It’s easy to be on top of things when things are going your way. Easy to be happy, to be motivational. Easy to feel like you have it figured out. But when you hit a road block it’s a different story. Things suddenly don’t look so good. You feel like what you knew failed you. Like your hopes and dreams are crushed. Especially when you are hit with repetitive failures. But failures if looked at right can be your greatest opportunity.

Failures can be the thing that push us to be a stronger person than we ever thought possible. They push us to our limits, and push us outside our boundaries.

The greatest thing that comes from being pushed outside your boundaries is it opens you up to things that you never even dreamed about. Things that you couldn’t see until you met with your failure.

When we are weakest, when we are failing that is when greatness rises up within us. It doesn’t take much of a look through history to see how strong people rise up in times of crisis. There is something within us that calls for more when challenged.

So when you hit a wall, when you are faced with uncertainty, keep going, reach deep down and pull out the strength that lies within. You have what it takes. You can do this.

The Ups and Downs


Life has a way of feeling like a roller coaster at times. Sometimes you are climbing the hill waiting with fear and anticipation of what is to come.  Other times you are loving the rush of the downhill when everything is going right.
And sometimes you are bored waiting in line.

There are many different aspects to the road map to your dreams. Ups, downs, and all the in between.

Your thought process and how you handle those situations defines the greatness you rise to.

You have to keep the end goal in mind no matter what you are doing.  Keep moving forward, no matter how tough the going gets. Fight through it and you will come out a champion.

Do More


Nothing absolutely nothing is impossible. Our minds and our bodies are capable of far more than we can imagine. It’s time to stop living with doubts with unbelief and with fear.

Instead it’s time to boldly step out into the vast unknown.  Take on our fears.  Take on our vices our habits.

It’s time we stand firm and chase after our dreams. It’s time we pave the way and build the future.

Don’t wait for someday.  Someday is an excuse…There will never be a someday.  Today is your day.

Grab Life


Step up to the plate. It’s yours for the taking if you want it. Life isn’t meant to just get through, it’s meant to conquer and step into boldly.

It’s not about staying safe and comfortable on your beach house all your life, it’s about going boldly into the face of danger, fighting for things you are passionate about and not giving up.

Life is about bold, daring adventures. It’s about giving more than you get, about taking chances, taking steps in the direction of your dreams.

Don’t get caught up in a fantasy world, where TV shows become your reality, and having the perfect house with 2.5 kids is your ultimate goal. There’s nothing wrong with wanting those things and having them, but there is so much more to life than just that.

You were meant for more, and you are capable of more. So get out there and grab life by the horns.

I Wish I….


How many times have you thought to yourself “I wish I would have” or “If I was younger”?
I’m pretty sure we all have things we wish we would have done, thought we should have done, or wished we could go back and change. I’ve had these thoughts myself, and I hear them all the time from other people.

My question is, why do we put a timeline on our lives. A timeline that says if we don’t accomplish this or that by a certain age then we just need to settle down and find something that is “good enough”. Why we live with this mentality I’m not sure. There is no magical number that you have to have everything together on.
I was 29 when I joined the military. Some thought I was crazy. Why join the military at that age when you have a good job, a family, and a comfortable average life right?

That’s just it. I don’t want an average life. For what I want to do I have to do certain things to get there. Sure going through all this is hard, but it’s not as hard as having to wake up one day when it really is too late and wishing I had done something when I can.

We only have one life, and in it, we can do anything we choose to do. But that just it. It’s the choice that is the hardest thing. It’s making the decision and choosing to work hard, to make sacrifices in order to get to a long term goal.