Follow Through


I think we can all admit that following through with something can often be very difficult. We start off strong with something but soon loose support, motivation, or stamina to keep working on it.

This is why when you set a new goal, you should first sit down, make a list of all the reasons why you are setting this goal, list what your motivation is, write down how you think you will feel when you reach your goal, write down what obstacle you think will stand in your way and why you feel you can overcome those obstacles.

Keep this in a safe place and on the days when you are tempted to give up, pull this out. Remember your why, remember why you started, why you wanted this, and how you will feel when you hit your goal.

No matter how impossible it seems, if you stay at it long enough, you will hit your goal, it can be done. It takes time, and in the middle of it you may not see any progress.

Rest assured, because if you are continuing to be faithful, you are making progress even when you can’t see it. Follow through and you will be so glad you did. You got this.

Allowing Yourself To Be You


I just finished reading a book called “The Gift of Imperfection” by Brene Brown. I highly recommend it. It talks about how we expect ourselves to live up to expectations that are not our own, and we end up becoming someone we don’t want to be.

One of the big points I walked away from the book with was the fact that things I enjoy aren’t necessarily bad things. We tend to look at our accomplishments in life or how much we’ve done on our to-do list each day to measure ourselves on whether or not we have done a “good enough” job.

We think that tasks that are fun or hobbies have to go by the wayside if we ever expect to get anywhere in life. But Mrs. Brown argues that if we fail to do the things we love, then we are slowly dying inside, we are stifling the creative and fun things that we hold as passions. She argues that we more fully live when we embrace the things that bring us life. She also points out that we are good enough just the way we are. We don’t have to get to that next dress size, or bench press 400 in order to be worthy of love.

We are worthy enough just the way we are, and the things that make us come alive regardless of what they are, are good thing. So stop feeling guilty, do the things you love and allow yourself the freedom to be you.



Last week when my wife and I were on vacation our cruise ship did movies on the deck at night, one of which was Noah. We hadn’t seen it since watching it in the theater and so we settled in to watch it. I found myself coming away from it with new things that I hadn’t seen the first time around.

One of those was when Adam and Eve were walking in the garden. Typically when we think of the fall of man it’s really easy to blame Eve for eating the fruit, we say, it’s all her fault. Well in the movie it shows Adam being distracted with the serpent’s shed skin while Eve walks up to the fruit and eats it.

How often in life does this happen? We blame someone else for something that happened, when all the while, we knew what might happen but chose to look the other way? We were distracted with our own problems, or our own misery. What would have happened if Adam stopped Eve, if he had stepped up and said, “no, we are going to hold one another accountable.”

Rarely are things one persons fault. We all have a role to play, we all have responsibilities. Are we living up to them or are we allowing ourselves to be distracted?

What Scares You?


We all can think of things that have a tendency to scare us. From things like heights, to snakes, to more difficult issues like being vulnerable, being honest etc.

It can be a scary thing to allow yourself to be vulnerable. After all isn’t that how people get hurt? Isn’t that how hearts get broken? Well in all honesty, yes.

But when we close ourselves off we may guard ourselves against getting hurt, but we also keep ourselves from experiencing some awesome adventures.

The truth is, yes, being vulnerable will hurt us at times, it’s part of the way life goes, but it will also bring us great joy. When we do get hurt we have to keep getting up and trying again, nothing good ever comes from staying down.

We don’t ever fully begin to live until we open up ourselves fully and embrace who we are, give ourselves the freedom to be vulnerable, and take the leap into vulnerability.  It’s scary, it won’t always be easy, but it will be worth it.

New Adventures


Currently in my life I am working through some very big decisions. Life is probably going to be looking very different for me in the near future.

My life is at a crossroads.  I feel like I have to buckle down and decide what I want my future life to look like. I’ve spent a lot of years focusing on other people and helping them, and while that is a good thing, I’ve neglected myself. I’ve failed to make some key decisions I needed to and as a result I feel very behind in a lot of areas.

It’s scary and exciting. I tend to over-analyze and over-think everything. I have to have it all figured out before I act. This isn’t good when combined with my OCD tendencies. I’ve been making some difficult decisions in the sense of having to act without knowing everything. It will cause me to freak out a bit, but it will be worth it in the end.



Today I am heading to meet up with my parents where my wife and I are dropping off our daughter for the week while we go on a cruise.  While there are many things I like about cruises, one of my favorites is the ability to unplug.  Cell reception is nowhere, and I find myself leaving the cabin room without my cell phone all the time, (something I wouldn’t think of doing when I’m going out at home).

This next week I will not be posting.  I debated pre-scheduling my blogs, but really think it’s good to just be totally off the grid.

So I will be gone this week, catching up on some much needed away time, and enjoying being with my wife.  Hope everyone has a fantabulous weekend.  We’ll talk again in 9 days.

Don’t Just Know…Believe


Knowing something and believing something are two totally different things.

Knowing something is nothing.  Anyone can know something.

Let’s say you know that someone gave you 50 bucks.  They told you they left it in your mailbox.

You go and look in your mailbox and see a $50 bill sitting there, you look at it for a moment, then close the lid, leaving it inside.

Then lets say you go to the store to buy something, only you get to the register to find you have no money to pay for it.

You can say “I know I have $50, but knowing you have that means nothing.  You didn’t believe, you did’t reach out and take it. You left it as knowledge only.

How many things in your life do you have knowledge about, but don’t believe?  Don’t just have knowledge.  Knowledge is good, but by itself it won’t ever get you anywhere. You have to have knowledge, and you have to believe, and those two things,  will get you far.

3 Years Ago


Three years ago today I was married. Sometimes it doesn’t seem possible it’s been 3 years, and other times it’s hard to even remember life before her. I don’t think either of us had a clue what marriage would be like (who does when first married?)

We’ve been through so much in just 3 years, wonderful times, fun times, and hard times.  We’ve traveled to three countries, had a daughter, moved five times, managed a family, work, and full time college, had our ups and had our downs.

While I wish I could say that all the bumps of marriage are over with, I know that I have a lot to learn still in the road to discovering both myself and my wife.

I am a different person because of my wife (and I mean that in a good way).

I still can’t wait to walk in the door at the end of the day and see her, I look forward to seeing her smile and hearing her voice.

She is now as much as the on our wedding day my one and true love.  I love you Heather Parady. Here’s to 3 years I would never trade, and to all the years to come.

It’s Not Crazy



Your dreams aren’t crazy.  What’s crazy is people who think you should live your life a certain way.  If they spent half the time trying to figure out their own life, they’d be well on their way to their dream.

Just because you think differently doesn’t mean you’re crazy, just because you have high goals, or ambitions that don’t fall in line with typical academics, or typical career choices doesn’t mean you are crazy.

What people term “crazy” is just you being uniquely you.  It’s okay to be that way.  You don’t have to try to put on a show, or please someone, you have to be happy with you, if you’re not you’ll make yourself and everyone else miserable.

Getting Back to Your Love


We all once were kids, we all once had hobbies and interests.  As we grow older we slowly seem to lose them one by one.  They fall by the wayside, work crowds them out, our families crowd them out, and soon we find we have no hobbies (sorry watching TV doesn’t count).

We think we are growing more mature as we outgrow our hobbies, that we are leaving behind childish behaviors.  In reality we are becoming less interesting and boring people.

We need to reawaken the things that once brought us life.  No I’m not saying go bust out your Barbies or GI Joes, but take those interests and apply them to your life now.  Did you love painting?  Go get a canvas and have at it, did you love building tree-forts, get some plans and build a piece of furniture.

Don’t let your passions die, you need them.