Enjoy Being Nervous


It can be really easy to get nervous.  Usually the biggest cause is facing something we are unsure of, something we can’t see the total outcome.  But it’s also a sign that something really awesome is happening.  Think about when you’ve been most nervous.

Maybe it was a big move, a new job, dating someone new, traveling to another country, getting married, going to college, graduating college.

There are a million reasons of what might make us nervous, and most of them are good things.  But we tend to let anxiety take control of us.  We need to let go and allow ourselves to embrace our nervousness, and view it as opportunity.  We will be less stressed out and more hopeful.

So the next time you feel nervous think about what exciting things might be coming your way.




Pardon me while I do a little bragging today. My wife is celebrating her birthday today which is always a big occasion at your home.  We’ve known each other now for five years, and every year I feel like it just keeps getting better.

She is everything I could ever hope for.  She gets me (which is pretty near impossible), she’s an amazing wife, and she knows just how to give me that kick in the butt when I need it.

She is indeed my better half, and life would be quite different without her, and not in a good way.

So a big shout out to my wife today, thanks for sharing life with me, and Happy Birthday baby!

Fears, Doubts, and Worrying


I was talking with a very good friend of mine and we were discussing how hard it is sometimes to find your purpose or value.  I’ve gone through times when I’ve had struggles with identifying with who I am as a person.

This came from a lot of different things.  Including hiding a lot of who I was, fearing that things I wanted to do or be were not acceptable.  Then add on the aspect of having a family to care for and needing to provide for them.

Both of these combined kept me from really allowing me to come out.  I tended to live a life of lies, or at best just stuffed down who I was.

This may seem like not a bad thing, but it is really bad for you when it builds up over years, you lose sight of who you are and forget what is important to you.  couple this with fear, fear of the world, of others opinions, and you have a recipe for a possible breakdown.

It’s taken me a long time to rediscover who I am.  I’ve had to for my own personal well being as well as for my wife’s and child’s sake.  They need me to live out my life.  We often think that if we give everything we have to our family it is a good thing.  Don’t get me wrong we need to make sacrifices and provide for our families, but when we make our family everything we actually hurt them.

Because your family needs you, and your individuality as much as it needs you for them.

Lay aside the fear, the doubt, the worry.  Take up your dreams, your passions, and your life and live it to the fullest.  You and your family won’t be happy until you do.

What do you Love?


What do you love to do?  Is it drawing?  Painting?  Writing?  Is it canoeing or hiking?  Is it making business deals or working on your car?

It’s really easy to let the things we love slip by the way side and not do any of them.  There are times when we have to lay them aside because of responsibilities.

But we can’t abandon them all together. Life is hard, it is difficult sometimes, there are many stresses and demands.  This is why holding tight to the things we love to do is so important. It keeps us grounded, keeps us believing that what we love to do is important.

So go on and conquer the world, but remember to take time out for you and make some time for the things you love.

Making It Through


Some days are just plain hard.  Today was one of those for me.  Mostly because I’ve been really sick, and that coupled with work and college, isn’t fun.

But regardless life goes on.  The only thing we can do on our bad days, or our off days (because we all have them), is push through and be persistent.  It’s important to remember that we won’t always have bad days, that we have so many good.

We always have to remember the good, because there is always someone, somewhere who has it much harder than us.

It’s easy to think we have it good when everything is going well, but not so much when we hit bumps in our road.

The bumps are temporary though. We will more than likely not even remember them a couple weeks from now.

So if you are going through something tough, try to focus on the good, try to remember that it won’t be like this forever, and keep persisting through your battles.  If you do, you will win.

Finding Your Way


Do you ever feel like you are headed in direction and you don’t even know where it leads?  Or rather you feel you’ve taken a detour and it’s led you very far from where you want to be?

The truth is it’s not too late to get back on track.  No matter where you are in your life you can make steps towards your dream.

I don’t say this lightly, I have had the tendency to fall into the “too late” trap.  I’ve felt sometimes that I’ve missed my shot, but that’s so not true.  It’s taken me too long to realize that I have to take control of where I am today, and not dwell on the past, not be depressed that such and such didn’t happen earlier.

I can’t change the past, I can’t change what has happened, I can only do something about getting closer to  my goal today.  And regardless of whether something is hard, or takes a lot out, if it’s something I really want I will work at it.

It’s never too late, and nothing is impossible. Be brave.

Don’t Listen


There are a million voices in this world.  Everyone talks and everyone has an opinion.  This is especially true when you step out to do things that are not common.

Common things get praise from people, while the uncommon is shunned or looked down upon.

Throughout your life people will have an opinion on what you should do with your life.  If you stray from that, often you will hit resistance.  Far too often this is because many people are afraid to step out and pursue their dream.  Perhaps they tried once and got hurt, or perhaps it wasn’t permitted among the circle they were raised in.

Regardless of why people will doubt what you are doing.  Stay true to yourself.  Only you truly know what is in your heart to do, only you know the why.  Live it out and live life loud.

Don’t listen to naysayers, listen to what you truly want to do.



To say my daughter is a tough little girl would be an understatement.  At 19 months old she is small for her size, but what she lacks in height she makes up for in determination.  She is incredibly active and doesn’t seemed to be phased by being hurt, scrapes, bumps and other accidental knocks she shakes off as if they are nothing. She doesn’t meet a stranger and absolutely loves going out anywhere and everywhere.

Tonight she was continually pulling herself up the back of our couch with her arms.  The back of our couch is taller than her, but somehow she managed to pull herself up about seven or eight times.  She fell a couple times, whimpered a bit then tried again.

She is relentless with doing hard things.

How many of us lose that as adults?  We try something once and if we fail, we tend to give up entirely.  It’s a bad habit to get in.  We become afraid of failure, afraid of looking dumb, or looking incompetent to others.

What is the wall you want to climb in life?  If you truly desire to get up and over the wall, don’t stop trying, don’t take no for an answer.  Prepare for defeat, and take it as a lesson learned of how not to get over the wall.  But what ever you do, don’t let the bumps and falls keep you from trying.

The hits will come from all different directions in life, but it’s how you respond to them that determines where you make it in life.  Go after it, and be relentless.

Fighting Through



I love Lord of the Rings.  I’ve been a fan since I was little, even long before the movies. The battle of Helm’s Deep in the Two Towers is by far my favorite part of all three movies.  Yes I’m a bit of a nerd when it comes to Lord of the Rings.

I absolutely love so many themes in it though.  For starters there is the purpose and mission everyone has.  Nothing is ever doubted when it comes to doing good.  Good is good and evil is evil, a line that is often blurred these days not just in Hollywood and the media, but even in day to day life.

Even more than that though, is the fight.  The odds are incredibly stacked against every “good” character.  From a “practical” standpoint, they are all doomed from the get go.  Yet they don’t let that stop them.

We need to have that outlook on life.  So many people will try to tell us we will fail, that we can’t do something, but regardless of what they say we have to go into it knowing the odds are against us, but that we can overcome them.



I found the picture with this blog and it really hit home.  This is so incredibly true.  How long to we deliberate over a decisions and then often never even make one, and the opportunity passes us by, or we just delay long enough to where we just give up on he idea.

Making a decisions is an instant decision. It takes no time at all.  Yet making tough decisions in the moment is one of the hardest things we will ever do.  Some decisions are easy to make, some are life altering.

The key is to make a decision.  It might be hard, and it might mean some intense and serious changes, but you have no idea what you might miss out on by not making the decision.  So go after it, and see what great things may come.