Be Bold


Life is not for the faint of heart. It’s really not. Life can kick your butt sometimes. It can beat you down when you try to step out and achieve things in your life. It can drag you through the mud when you thought it was going to be downhill all the way.

You see, going after high goals or dreams is made to look like something that is accomplished quickly and easily according to Hollywood. They make it to where the bad stuff lasts only a few minutes and then you get everything in the end and it’s not hard.

But real life doesn’t work like that. Real life is tough. Achieving your goals is hard work. It takes a lot of determination and a lot of grunt work. It takes getting slapped around and continuing to go forward. It’s not easy work, but it is rewarding and it grows you, in ways you don’t ever realize till you are done.

So be bold. If you are setting off to achieve your goals and dreams don’t get disillusioned by what the media and the world will tell you. Friends may say you are crazy. Family may say don’t be dumb and take risks, and Hollywood will say it will be an easy road.

None of these are true. It will be tough, but you’ve got this. You were born to do great things. It’s in your DNA. Don’t deny it, don’t hide it. Go after it with all you’ve got.

It’s At Your Fingertips


Literally the world is truly at your fingertips. We have so much opportunity in this world if we are willing to work hard for it. We can do anything we set our minds to .  We have the capability to learn whatever it is that we want to learn.

Is there that person you haven’t mustered up the courage to talk to?  Call them.  Why not?  Do you want to wonder ‘what if’ forever?

What about that country you’ve always wanted to go to?  Why not?  Get your passport, save some money and go.

Wondering if you could ever get your dream job?  Start finding out what it takes, and don’t stop at no.

Don’t lay down and give up the fight ever.  It’s at your fingertips.

Have you wanted to start that business?  Get a business plan together and go for it.

All great things take risk, they take chances, and they guts.  But you have all the necessary tools.  So go for it and take the plunge.  The world awaits.

Saying No


If there’s one thing we have no shortage of in life. It’s options. Everyday we have to make choices from the clothes we wear, what time we get up, what food we will eat, how productive we will be at school, college, or our jobs. We make decisions like where to live, what kind of apartment or house to get, what kind of car to buy, how we want our house decorated, what kind music we listen to, what type of friends we have.

It’s often very easy to say yes to things, but we have a much harder time saying no. For whatever reason saying no is something we usually try to avoid. We try to avoid it at all costs, by coming up with excuses, just going along instead, or simply ignoring it.

But “no” is a word we need to be more comfortable with. Saying no more often can save us so much heartache, pain, and misery.

There are always those times when we give in to something even if we know it is wrong simply because we don’t say know. A friend says something and rather than point out what’s wrong with it or reject it, we give in go along with it because we don’t want to seem weird or “offend” them.

But in truth by saying no to things that aren’t healthy and are not good, you often times gain respect, and become a better person and make those around you better people. If by saying no and standing your ground you lose some friends, it’s okay, they probably weren’t true friends to begin with if they don’t respect what you think.

So get comfortable with saying no. It will be worth it and far more beneficial for you in the end.

“No” is okay.

You Are Who You’re With


We all meet lots of people in our life. Some of them are quality people and some of them are not. It doesn’t take long to hang out with someone to know what they are like. Whether or not they are someone who is going to build you up or tear you down. We’ve probably all experienced both, but sometimes it’s hard to realize those who bring you down.

Some people are subtly negative. For instance the person who looks at situations and points out the bad. The bad may very well be true that they are pointing out, but by focusing on that the good is lost, and emotions become heavy.

If you hang around that kind of behavior on a regular basis it will drag you down eventually. And it will come on you subtly as well. You won’t notice becuase it starts off very small. Little things begin to annoy you. Little things that are bad grab your attention and your words will start to follow. Just saying things like “this is pointless” etc can all lead to looking down on the world. Because the more you speak it and hear it spoken the more you come to believe it.

So be careful who you spend your time with, don’t hang around those who drag you down, find others who are positive, and maintain positivity in your own life.

Ignite The Fire


What makes you absolutely come alive?  Think about it for a minute.

Maybe it’s something you haven’t done in a really long time, maybe someone told you it was dumb so you stopped, maybe you think it’s silly, maybe you failed at it once.

Here’s the deal though.  That one thing that burns in your heart and makes you come alive is the match that others need in order to come alive.

See, we think that pursuing our passion is only about us.  And while it is important to us, it’s also important to others.  But we tend to only see those who think negativity towards what we want to do.  But for every negative person there are two who need our passion, our excitement, and our example to ignite themselves.

We are like lighters, igniting others.   One match can set a huge fire off.  So go after what you makes you come alive, ignite your own future, and that of others.

Be True





Have you ever felt like you have to prove yourself to someone else.  You feel as if they are controlling your life more than you are. Like they have some kind of say as to what is good enough and what isn’t?

Allowing others to control our decisions and actions can be very dangerous because in the process we lose ourselves. We lose our character, and what makes us unique.

Stay original, stay true to who you are.  We can take others viewpoints, and see if there is anything we can learn from it ,but we shouldn’t just take what others say at face value without questioning their motives or whether or not they are looking out for you or themselves.

Those who truly care about you will encourage you in your pursuits, and they will ask questions that make you think rather than degrade what you are doing.

So examine those around you and cut ties with friends who may try to bring you down.

Stay true to you.

Challenge Each Other


I have a tendency to struggle with friendships.  The reason is I don’t easily allow myself to get close to people.  It’s an issue I have that I am trying to get over. One of those things where you get hurt when you are younger and so you think the best thing is just to not care anymore.

But that’s the worst thing.  It’s taken me awhile but I am realizing the importance and value of friends.  The Bible states that iron sharpens iron, and so it should be in friendship.

Now there are definitely times when you need to cut out certain friends because they are influencing you in a way you don’t need to be influenced.

But quality friends should encourage one another, should challenge each other. Should ask the tough questions.

Even Jesus had his close 12 friends. He confided in them, challenged them, and encouraged them.

So if you are afraid like me of friendship, don’t be. Healthy friends can really help grow you as a person.


Dream Big


Risks.  That can be a scary word.  It can strike fear into the heart of many.  After all, aren’t we supposed to keep from doing anything risky?  Aren’t we supposed to stay safe, keep all our ducks in a row and do what is expected?

There is a difference between risk and irresponsibility.  We have certain things in our lives that we need to be responsible over, doing good at our job, providing for our family, bettering our lives and those around us.  These are good qualities.

But taking risks can actually be the responsible thing to do. We are responsible to use the gifts that we are giving.  Every one of us has unique talents, and unique passions that we are just born with.  We can’t explain why a certain thing makes us come alive and excites us, it just does. And it’s meant to.

We have to be responsible with these talents and passions, we need to use them to the fullest extent, and often doing that requires us to take big risks.  Sometimes quitting our job and taking that other job with the temporary paycut is what we need to do.

Sometimes moving to that other state is the right choice.

Sometimes making that phone call to that friend who cussed you out is what you most need to do, or offering love to your spouse even if they don’t “deserve” it.

There are a million “risky” things that we need to on a daily basis.  So start taking risks today.

When You Don’t Want To


Sometimes it’s really hard being a strong person.  It can mean a lot of sacrifice a lot of heartache, and a lot of worry. People often think you have it all together, but that’s not the case at all. The same worries, struggles, and fears play havoc in our minds too.

We mainly just do a better job of not allowing those things to come out, because we can’t, or at least feel we can’t and keep up our countenance.

It’s important thought to have someone in your life who you don’t have to be a rock to. If you are married this should be your spouse, if not find someone, a friend, a mentor who can pour life into you, and listen to your worries and stresses.

Having this support will not make you weaker, but rather make you stronger.

The Hard Days


Have you ever had one of those days where you wish you could hide in bed all day? Sooner or later we all have one of those days.  We don’t really feel like going to work at the crack of dawn, we’re tired of our diet, or our exercise program.  We feel worn out, tired.

There’s one thing that really helps on days like this.  My wife and daughter.  Somehow they are more than enough motivation to be strong another day.  To work hard, to do my best to be honorable.

Sure that doesn’t mean every day I have it all together.  In fact rarely if ever is life all together.  Each day has its challenges, its hardships, its battles we must fight.

Don’t be afraid to be weak some days.  It happens.  Sometimes you do need to come home and take a nap, sometimes you do need a break and just rent a movie and chill with your friends, your loved one, or your spouse.

In fact it’s these simple pleasures that we find in those we love that make the hard days worth it.