Preparing For Health Success

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Preparation is key. It’s key for a lot of reasons. You’ve probably heard that it’s best to prepare for disaster, so that you are not caught off guard.  It’s true, things happen and if we aren’t prepared for them, then it hits us way harder than we expected.

So how does preparation come into play with fitness?  In every way. If you don’t set yourself up to succeed you won’t.

If you’ve spent any time at my blog you know that I firmly believe that diet is like 75% of getting in shape.  It truly is, and if you don’t go into the week with a plan of how you are going to eat better and eat healthier, then you are going to find yourself with life slamming you during the week and not reach the goals you want.

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So what do you do?  Prepare.

1st. Sit down and make a plan for the week of what you want to eat.

2nd.  Go shopping, get what you need, because you may not have time during the week.

3rd.  Prep your meals and snacks.  Take the time to make your meals for the week, you can cook chicken ahead of time, and cut up veggies ahead of time.  Put each days snacks in tupperware for each day of the week and that way you can grab them and go.

If you are doing smoothies make your smoothies ahead of time and have them ready to go.

By preparing for the week you are setting yourself up for success.

Lastly if you are having trouble coming up with healthy diet plan, I help teach people plans for optimal health as my job, so hit me up and I would love to talk with you more about it.

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Fitness Without Results?

How to Get Fit

Have you worked out or ate better with little to no results?  Have you quit before because you aren’t seeing the change you want. Fitness is like that sometimes. Normally when you start working out 1 of 2 things happen.  You either see a lot of results very fast and then it tapers off, or you just are seeing much change.

There are several reasons that can contribute to this, but overall it’s because “plans” and “diets” don’t work.  They bring temporary change but not lasting results.

The only way to bring about long lasting change is to change your lifestyle.  To change your mindset.  This can be done. No it’s not always easy, but it is rewarding because you have that lasting change.


It can be frustrating.  But you have to remember, if this was easy everyone would do it.  You have to stay focused, stay determined.  Remember your why.  Why you started. Why you want to be healthy.  Why you want to be fit.

If you are unsure of which step to take to reach your fitness goals, I would love to talk one on one with you.  There are ways to bring about lasting change.

How to Get the Energy You Want

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Have you ever seen someone with a lot of energy and been like “wow, I wish I had half their energy?”  What is the key to having more energy?  Well there’s definitely no magic wand that can be waved to have it suddenly appear.  But there are some things you can do to boost your energy and drop some pounds in the process.

First off, if you haven’t already get rid of anything white in your house.  White bread, white flour, white pasta, white rice, get rid of it all.  White starchy foods are horrible for you, they sit in your gut, give you no nutritional value and make you feel like crap.  Replace it with whole wheat pastas, breads, rice, and cereals.  You want 100% whole wheat.

Next dump the soda.  Now before you shut this browser down, hear me out. Soda is loaded with sugar and a lot of other nasty things for your body.  Get rid of it.  Whether it’s diet or regular they are both horrible for you.  Drop the soda and grab a glass of water every time you would grab a soda.

Next cut fast food.  Pack a lunch.  Not only is it cheaper but it’s healthier.  Pick up some whole wheat bread, some pb&j, some tuna fish, some fresh deli meat.  All of these things are way better than fast food.

Do these 3 things for a couple weeks and I guarantee you, you’ll start to have more energy, and you’ll shed some pounds.


Making Fitness Work

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How do you make fitness work for you?  A quick google search will reveal a million different workout plans.  How do you know which one is good for you?  If you are just starting out it can be overwhelming.

My advice? Just pick one.  Everyone’s body is different, everyone reacts differently to foods and workouts.  What works great for one person may not work for another.  Try some on for size.  Pick one and just start, give it some time and see what results you are getting, if it’s not a fit for you, pick something different.

Now don’t get me wrong, don’t jump around every day and never find a routine, because that won’t be helpful.

For example.  I had a certain workout that I’d been doing for awhile.  I liked it, but I wanted to try something new for the sake of improving different areas and muscle groups.  So I took on a new one. I did the new one for 2 months, but was having negative results, so I switched back and immediately saw change.  One works for me, one doesn’t, at least not in the way I want it to.

Nothing will work if you don’t begin something.  Don’t let choosing the right fitness plan keep you from even starting.

A great place to start if you are trying to find a plan that’s right for you is Body Building

Working Out When You’re Tired

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Have you ever been tired?  Have you ever not wanted to go work out?  Have you instead wanted to binge watch some netflix and devour an entire tub of ice cream?  If we are honest with ourselves we’ve all had these days.  I know I have.

So how do we get through days like this?  We have a plan.  Have you seen those ads for making a plan before a disaster strikes, because when it strikes then it’s too late?  It’s kind of the same principal here.  If we don’t have a plan for what to do on those days then we will probably become a couch potato.

Have A Plan

So first acknowledge that you are going to meet resistance.  There will be days that work was long and hard, and you got home late, there will be days when the kids have made you want to pull your hair out.  There will be days you are depressed, sad, feel unmotivated. Life gets to us sometimes.

Second write down your goals on Sunday.  That’s right, write them down on a piece of paper and tape it on your mirror, your car dash, your fridge, wherever you will see it often.  Then write your why.  Why do you want to be healthier?  Why do you want to be fitter?

How To Get Healthy

On the days when you’d rather pull the covers over your head read over this list.  Read it multiple times.  Read it out loud.  Then affirm yourself.  Tell yourself out loud that you can and will do your workout.  Affirming yourself and hearing yourself say you can do something gets things turning, and changes your mindset.

So do the above, and the next time you are having a rough day you will turn that day around.  Kick some butt and don’t ever give up.


Where Do I Start With Fitness?

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Starting something new is scary.  Think back to your first day and first week of work at your job.  You were probably nervous, wondering if you were going to be successful at it and if you would learn the job in the time you needed to.

Then you got into a routine, and before you knew it you weren’t even thinking about it anymore but just doing what you needed to do.

If you are in a relationship, think back to day one and how nervous you were and how you wondered constantly if anything would come of it.  There are so many things that when we start we are scared of.

Fitness is one of those things.  The gym can be intimidating, between the grunters and people who look like they could kick your butt in their sleep, it can be a scary place.

<h3>Everyone Had a Starting Point</h3>

Everyone started somewhere.  Everybody was at one time a newbie.  Yes even those people that are extremely scary looking in the gym, at one time were intimidated themselves.

So just get in there.  Don’t worry too much about what other people are doing or look like.  You are there for you, not them.  Don’t be afraid to ask questions to the gym staff.  Any good gym, the staff should be more than happy to help you.  If you want some knowledge going in, google some workouts before going in.  You can google things such as: “Arm day workout”, “leg day workout” etc, and you will get lots of examples of what to do.

So don’t be scared!  Every new thing is a little nerve wracking but you will get in a groove.  Don’t let the fear of walking in a gym keep you from becoming a healthier you.  Get out there and kick some butt, you’ve got this!

Why Get Healthy?

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<h3>Get Healthy and Fit</h3>

Have you ever asked yourself why you want to get healthier or in better shape?  What are your reasons?

Maybe you’ve been having some health issues, maybe you want to be more active and have an active lifestyle, maybe you’ve found yourself being out of breath more lately, maybe you can’t keep up with your kids.

Maybe it’s a combination of those things.  We are now more than halfway through January, and maybe your motivation for your resolutions for the year are still going strong, if so awesome!  Keep up the good work.  If you are struggling a little, no problem, it may just be time re-evaluate.  What do I mean by that?

<h3>Path to Fitness</h3>

So much of our road to health and fitness is mental.  When we decide to take on a new lifestyle we are not just retraining the body, but retraining the mind, and that is a far more daunting task.  We have to change the way we look at the food we eat, and the amount we eat, habits that are deeply ingrained in us.

That is why it’s so important to re-evaluate.  Look back over the past couple weeks. How far have you come?  How far do you have to go?  What areas have you been doing well in, and what areas need some more work.  Don’t be afraid to do this, yes you will have a lot of areas that still need work but that is okay. Absolutely nothing wrong with that.

The areas you feel you are doing good in, keep going, and the areas you feel you haven’t done too good, come up with some ways you could improve them, write down ideas, do some research online, watch some videos.

The road to a better you is a constant journey.  Push yourself to constantly learn and grow.  You can do this, and you’ve got this!

Would love to encourage you and walk alongside you in your journey, if you need some extra push I have a facebook group of a lot of different people with a lot of different goals.  Click the link below and join.  No judgement, just encouragement.

Facebook Fitness Group


Make Today Count

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Today is your day to refocus, and plan on how to make your week ridiculously amazing.  Prep healthy meals for the week, get rid of all the junk food in the house and buy some healthy stuff.  Write down you goals that you want to hit for this week.

How far do you want to run?  How much do you want to lift?  What do you want to eat.

Recharge, and refuel, take some time to re-evaluate, but make a game plan.  Get ready to take on the next week and kill it.


Becoming Better

Fitness Motivation

How many times have you fallen in life?  If you are anything like me I know it’s happened a lot.  I honestly don’t know how many times I’ve screwed up at stuff.

While I’m still not comfortable with it, I’m definitely more at peace with it.  I used to hate messing up, so much so that it would keep me feeling defeated for days, I would get angry and upset.

I’ve learned that it’s not worth it to kick yourself too hard over such issues.  Failing is a part of life, it’s not a final life sentence on you, it’s not an end all decision.  It just means whatever you are doing didn’t work, and that you just need to try a different way.

Think of failing like a list of check boxes, each time you fail, you are checking off one more box of something you shouldn’t try, and narrowing down what you should try.

So don’t be afraid of failure, don’t let the idea of it keep you from venturing out into new things.  You’ve got this, if you fail so what!  It’s inevitable.  Just get back up.

Fitness And Stress

Fitness Tips and Motivation

Fitness Relieves Stress

It really does. The benefits of exercising and maintaining a healthy body go far beyond image.  It increases clarity and productivity in our mind.  And who doesn’t get stressed out?  Between our jobs, busy lives, family drama, commutes to work, there are a ton of stressors that try to jump on us and suck the life out of us.  But we can fight back.

Kick Stress in the Butt

Seriously, kick it in the butt.  If you feel the stress washing over you, put on some music that helps calm you down, breathe in and out deeply for a couple minutes.  Breathe in and hold for 3 seconds, then exhale for 3 seconds.

This act alone can greatly reduce stress immediately.

The gym, the track, the treadmill are all places to pound away the stress.  When we take our stress and formulate it into a workout we are literally working it out of our system.  The stress naturally dissipates as our bodies sweat and have physical exertion placed on them.

So if you are struggling with stress, get rid of it, kick it out.  You don’t have time for it.

If you are looking for encouragement and accountability with your fitness goals, you may be interested in my free facebook fitness group.  It’s just a group of people encouraging one another, posting goals, and helping each other along the way to health and fitness.  Click below to join the group.
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