To Those In Your 30’s


       Thirties can be a dreaded time by some. For some it’s the first time you feel like an adult, for others it feels like accomplishing your dreams are over. For some it means the wild days are over and it’s time to live a normal life.
          First let me tell you what 30’s is not then we’ll talk about what it is.
           30 is not the end.  30 is not the time to sit on the couch watching football in your suburbia house with your 2.5 kids.
         30 is not the time to stop exploring and stop being adventurous.
         30 is not the time to quit dreaming.
         30 is not the time when your kids are your sole goal in life.
         30 is not the time when pinterest crafts and decorating your home to look like something out of a magazine should be your goal.
        If anything your 30’s should be a time to live life even more bolder than before.  Your kids are at an age where they need to see their parents going out and making the world a better place and building their dreams and their parents saying to them “dreams take risk, watch and don’t be afraid”.
       If you are in your thirties now is the best time to get in shape, to build your busineas, to go back to school, to work hard for your dreams.  You have more confidence under your belt more experience, more motivation.
       So many people use their family, job, or age as As a crutch to keep them from truly living.  It’s an excuse that keeps us lazy and complacent.

      Your family should be a propellant to make you want to be more for them and so that your kids will grow up seeing what it truly means to live to the fullest.
      So stop being depressed, stop playing fantasy football and fussing over coffee for hours to no end. 
      Get out there and make something of your life. Build your future, do the things you were meant to do to make this place better for you and your family and those who will follow you.
      Be more.

Be Fit. No More Excuses


Opportunity is always there it’s just a matter of you beating down  the door to get it.
   I’m now in my 30’s and I have never been in better physical shape. I can run circles around some 20 year olds in the gym. On the other hand I see guys older than me who are in even better shape than I am and it inspires me.  I am constantly setting new goals and higher standards, and I don’t expect that will ever change, because I know I can always be more.

     Age has really become a crutch in our society. We think that because we are in our 20’s that life is just about sleeping around and partying or that when we are in our 30’s we should just make money have 2.5 kids and watch sports. When we hit 50 we think it’s okay yo abandoned reason for affairs or over priced cars. It’s really outrageous when you think about it.
       The truth is regardless of your age you should be fighting for something larger than yourself, striving for more.  Don’t say when you are young “I’ll get on shape when I’m older”.  And if you are older don’t think it’s too late to get in shape.
      Drop the excuses, and instead drop kick the door of opportunity and march in.

Stop the Excuses


People have lots of excuses.  Christians like to use the one that says “it’s not right timing” and “God hasn’t opened the door”.
   Parents tend to use the excuse “I have kids and don’t have time”.
    There are a million others “I don’t have the money”.  “Now’s not good timing”. “I will next year”, “I will someday”.  “If I was younger”.
   Everyone has a plausible excuse in their own mind.   But that’s all it is, a very lame excuse.
    It amazed me the things people use as excuses just to put something off.  I know because I’ve been there myself.  But I realized excuses are just lies we believe and time wasters.
  You are never going to be at a perfect place, never going to have the perfect amount of money.  You can’t go back or forward in time.  And God isn’t waiting to “open a door”.  He’s waiting for you to bust down the door.
     The world needs action not excuses. Your kids need examples of what it means to go out and conquer fears and dreams.
    You want a different life?  The only way you will get it is by working hard and making decisions that bring risk and fear.  But that’s a good thing. Overcome, bust down the door and rock it.

Beat Fear


So yesterday my wife suprised  me for my 30th birthday and got me a skydiving appointment. (She’s pretty much the greatest) I was excited and nervous.
     Skydiving is something I’ve wanted to do for some time but also something I was terrified of.  I’m not a huge fan of heights.   Adventure absolutely, but heights. Not so much.
   I felt super excited as the plane climbed to 13,000 feet.  Once the door opened it was a different story. Not gonna lie, I was pretty terrified.
    But I did it. I felt great afterwards.  It was way more than just jumping out of a plane for me. It was the start of my 30’s. A brand new decade that I know will be filled with my most adventurous years yet.  I’m excited for what’s to come and a lot of change is coming at that.
    I’ve got one life to live and I want to live a jam packed crazy busy life. The best is yet to come.  Don’t give up on your dreams, don’t give in to complacency and don’t let fear win.

Work For It


If you have a dream in life you have to go out and get it.  It’s not gonna fall in your lap.  It’s not going to magically show up in front of you as you drive to work.  You won’t be walking down the road and door won’t drop in front of you.   A voice isn’t gonna thunder from the sky and tell you exactly what to do.

You have to dream it, climb it, build it, and work for it. You have to sweat, you have to go through pain, go through hurt, and go through trials.

You have to work to achieve greatness, you have to work to achieve your dream.  Nothing in life ever comes without hard work.  Do your part and don’t give up at the first sight of trouble.  You weren’t meant to live an average life, you weren’t meant to sit and do nothing.  You weren’t meant to drown yourself in worthless fads, but to live fully and change the things around you.

Go for it.

Simple Things


I’ve been away from home for over 6 months now. I miss them. I miss home. One thing I’ve really come to appreciate during this time of separation is the small things. It’s those little things that constantly fill my mind with memories. Those little things I get to hear and see that make it all worth it.

6 months ago my wife and prepared for this long temporary time apart. It was very hard saying goodbye, but we knew we’d be back together in 8 months. At the time it seemed incredibly long and now here we are with less than 2 to go. There’s been times when it’s not been easy, but it’s been worth it. We know it’s bringing us to a place that we want for our futures, and we will soon be reunited, and it will make that time together all the more sweeter.

It’s definitely given me a different perspective on a lot of things. It’s given me a much larger respect for those whose jobs take them away from their loved ones, much more respect for those who chase after their dreams, because it takes work.

You read about how people struggle to get through things, but you don’t really understand the struggle, you just focus on the outcome. The outcome is worth the fight. It’s worth the journey. But the journey does take work. It does take sacrifice, and it does take having some ugly days. That’s just part of the process. But those days will pass. They won’t last forever.

I say this as much to myself as to anyone reading this, because it’s something I have to remember. I know without a doubt it will be worth it. So whatever you are striving for, keep going and don’t stop. You will be glad you kept going.

I Want To Be Better


I confess I can be a very selfish person sometimes.  I can get my head so wrapped around my own issues and I lose sight of the bigger things in the world.  I get so caught up in striving for my gain and I lose sight of those who need me to stop striving and to stop and help.

If there is one thing needed it’s kindness.  It’s self sacrifice.  It’s caring enough to stop and help.

It’s taking the time to look up from my screen and see the world around me.  Taking a step back and looking at what is around me. Because I all too often miss it.  Not just overlook it, but miss it completely.

I forget there are kids who will go to bed hungry tonight, or scared of what may happen to them while they sleep.

I forget that somewhere a man doesn’t know where his family’s next meal will come from. I forget that someone is contemplating living because they can’t remember the last time someone was kind to them.

Simple things. Simple things that I so often overlook.

I want to be better.

The Long Haul


Life is very fast paced. Appointments, deadlines, work, family, kids, college. It gets busy. Then there’s the gym. The gym is such a part of me that I feel really weird if I miss 2 days in a row.
    Is it a discipline? Absolutely.  Even after the years I’ve worked out, I still have days I don’t want to go. But it’s kind of like work.  Sure some days I don’t want to. But I have to.
     With the fast paced life we want fast results in the gym. We want to get our “beach body” by going to the gym 2 weeks befor summer.  But it just doesn’t work like that.
    It takes time. It takes sacrifice, it takes pushing yourself when you don’t want to and it takes eating good.
    If it was easy everyone would do it. But true results take time. Be patient ad stick through  it.  Day by day. Week by week you can do this. Work hard and it will pay off. You’ve got this.

Fight For It


What do you want to do in your life?  Have you been told you’re crazy by others?  Have others laughed at you, or given you that quirky smile that says “oh you’re cute…and foolish”.

People have a tendency to frown upon big dreamers…that is until they make it big.  Then they praise them.  People will be your biggest obstacle when you are fighting your way to the top, and not those you are competing against, but those who have no stake in the fight, people who are in your life as friends, family, who don’t understand your dream. They don’t understand the burning flame inside of you that can’t be snuffed out.

That innate burning inside that you have…only you can feel that.   You’ve got to hold on to that fire, you’ve got to fan the flame.  Protect that flame, and not allow anyone to try to blow it out.

Believe me, circumstances and people will try to blow it out, they will say you are immature, stupid, careless, irresponsible.

Hold onto your dream, your fire.  And build it bigger, until nothing and no one can quench it.

The Meaning of Sacrifice


We all want to be more.  We watch movies about overcoming, about becoming stronger, becoming a better person.  We love the idea of a hero.  Love the idea of overcoming seemingly impossible odds.

So why then does our motivation stop with the rolling of the credits to a favorite movie?  Why do we lack the motivation in our every day life?

It’s because we are lacking one vital key.  It’s called sacrifice.  You can’t expect to have a life like no other when you live like everyone else.  It’s just not possible. You have to take risks, you have to be bold, have to be daring.

Yes as you step out you will be scared to death.

I love, and I mean love the movie “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty”. Last year when I saw that movie for the first time, I didn’t even know yet that my life would be radically changing as I joined the Navy.

Now here I am 6 months into my Naval career with still 3 months to go until I am reunited with my wife and child. It’s been a huge sacrifice on both mine and my wife’s part. It’s taken sacrifice.  It’s taken long lonely nights, it’s taken missing my baby girl’s precious smile.  But in 3 months I’ll have that back.  Yes it’s been tiring, hard, but it’s been so worth it.  It’s taking me and my family where we want to go.  We are dreaming bigger than ever.  We are living our lives to the fullest, the craziest busiest run and go life and we love every minute of it.  We want our daughter to grow up knowing that great things are hard, but worth it.

So start doing.  Take the leap, jump, and believe.  It will be worth it.