Stop the Fighting


Stop the fighting. Seriously. Every day I am bombarded on Facebook with people ranting about different subjects. I know what a lot of people are against but I have no idea what they are for.
We are so quick to slam things, and let people know how dumb, stupid, or bad something is.
How about we stop ranting about what’s wrong though and start being intentional and talking about what is right and what we are for.
There are enough critics. What we need is those who stand up for a just cause, make statements that boldly declare what we are fighting for, and back up those statements with action. That more than anything will actually bring about change.
So stay positive, stay true to what you know is right, and declare what is right, fight for what is right, and don’t give your time to useless arguments.

Love Affair


There is a huge love affair that is very prevalent.  The conspirator in this affair is very seductive, affecting both men and women. It’s a genius at stealing attention and making itself the center of a person’s world.  It is very very smooth.  It’s successfully hurt relationships and marriages, is a source of conflict and as a result can make your loved one feel very alone.

So who is the perpetrator?  Your phone.

That’s right you phone.

Rarely do I go out anymore and see individuals fully engaged with one another.  Instead there are constant distractions and buzzes from those little things we carry around in our pockets.

Facebook notifications, tweet updates, new pinterest posts, photos on instagram, added people in our circle on linkedin.  Not to mention the countless lame and utterly pointless youtube videos.

Communication is dying, much like the dinosaur.

We become more and more self absorbed in our selfie, false reality, I’m better than you showy digital world.

We use filters and adjustments to make us look thinner and sexier.  We showcase all the good things in our lives, while keeping all the bad habits and ugly parts off so the world doesn’t see them, and we have this completely fake persona of a perfect life that is anything but.

Who are we really fooling?  Ourselves?  Our friends?  People who are in our friends, but we have no idea why?

Trying to impress people and win approval from people we don’t care about, or compete with strangers we don’t know.

The love affair is getting worse.  It sticks it’s grimy fingers in everything. And as with all dangerous affairs there is a need to cut it off.

I love some of the benefits of social media, the ability to convey thoughts and ideas, share moments with loved ones across time and space. It’s a useful tool.  But like most tools, if you can’t handle it properly it can become dangerous.

How has social media grown you as a person, or made you a better person, or gotten you closer to your life goal?  Maybe it’s time to start asking if it’s getting us closer to those things, or distracting us from getting there.

Facebook Anger


Sometimes I really think I need to keep away from Facebook.  I find myself getting more and more frustrated every time I’m on it, and sometimes saying things I shouldn’t.

The competition, pointless debates (yes I must confess I’ve gotten caught up in some), and obsession to impress/show off drives me absolutely crazy.

Maybe it’s not right that I feel this way but I do.  Just keeping it real.  It’s as if facebook has become a place where people can try to find validation and attention. Now don’t get me wrong, I think it definitely has its benefits, but I’m really starting to wonder if they are worth it.

I know that much of my issues could be resolved if I just simply stay away from it.  There are some friends and family that I like to stay in touch with and Facebook allows me to do that, but I really don’t know if I can take the drama and attention seeking from it anymore.  And selfies……don’t even get me started.

I know this blog has been more of a rant than anything, but it’s caused me to reevaluate what if anything I get off Facebook and if it’s bringing me down more than anything.  So I am seriously considering just staying  away from it all together.

Social Media Is Our New Girlfriend


We have a tendency to lose ourselves in social media from time to time.  We forget that real life and real relationships are all around us.  We lose ourselves in trying to find out what all our friends have done today by reading their posts, rather than getting coffee with them.

We have a tendency to create our Facebook face, the parts that only the world can see, and hide all the parts we are ashamed of.  It’s easier, in a friendship you have to be real in order to maintain a strong friendship.  In social media you can be fake.

Sometimes we need to unplug.  When you come home after a long day work you don’t need to run to your laptop, you need to connect with your family, your significant other, or whoever you share your home with.

Don’t just post a status telling your friend you are thinking about them, call them up, set up a coffee date, go do something fun with them.

Social media has literally become like a girlfriend or boyfriend for many of us, and sadly at the expense of the important people in our life.

Social media is good, but don’t put it in a place it doesn’t belong.

Foward Motion

It’s 9pm.  My eight month old just woke up crying, no apparent reason.  She sleeps like clock-work normally so it’s a bit of a shock.  Something out of the blue, unexpected.

Life throws us curves.  And usually lots of them.  We don’t get a warning, no email notification one week before, no reminder text.  No Facebook notification.

But what if we did know when those curves were coming.  Would it really better us?  Or hinder us?



If you knew that you would sprain your ankle on your camping trip next week, would you cancel it altogether?  If so what would you then miss?  A story to tell later in life?  A memory of when you pushed on and made it through?

What if you knew the girl you liked was going to break your heart.  Would you never date her?  What would you miss out on?  The reconciliation?  Winning back her heart after the break-up and your relationship being even stronger?

It’s easy to assume life would be better if we just knew in advance when bad things would happen, but that knowing would cause us to change our actions before hand, and we would miss out on so many lessons, joys, and discoveries in life.  It’s the unknown that keeps us guessing, keeps us excited, keeps us moving forward.

Forward motion.  Don’t ever lose it.