8 thoughts on “Freedom Is Possible

  1. life is for living and enjoying to
    its not meant to be slavery
    locked up in chains was part of history
    people being sold as work force to
    was supposed to have ended years ago
    clearly in life people dont understand the modern day
    as cruelty of slavery is still part of there day
    people need your help and support to
    stop this to day and report it to
    end this cruelty and treat people humanely today
    life is worth living
    people are all special to
    help these people and let them live today to
    just like me and you.

    help free these people today
    give back them freedom to
    as god meant them to live
    just like me and you
    free to speak
    free to do what they want to do
    free to live there lives each day
    free to breath and eat to

    not suffering beatings
    not scared to answer back
    not scared to be treated right
    and not starving too.

    is your voice to
    help them help them today
    and make a huge difference to
    let them have a life
    support this to
    freedom for you.

    I wrote this comment in this way
    if the company wishes to use it on there advertising please do as it would look good on a poster.
    show it to them as i believe it somes up what they do
    I would love to hear about it if they do .Ithink this is very worthwhile cause and job you are doing.

    from kevin in portsmouth uk
    you can get hold of me through my blogs
    http://www.I am the pompey poet.com

    I will reblog this on my site


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  3. It’s so wonderful to hear that human trafficking awareness is being spread more and more. A couple of years ago, most people didn’t even know slavery still existed, now I’m so thankful that it’s awareness is growing. I pray your organization helps save many lives and flourishes.


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