Quit Excusing It


If there’s one thing we are great at coming up with, it’s excuses.  Not enough time, I have kids, work is stressful, I’m too old, I’m too young, I don’t have enough experience.

Almost everything we want to do in life we start coming up with reasons right away about why we shouldn’t. 

There is nothing in life that is worth pursuing that doesn’t come with a price. You want that dream job? It will cost you. You want a better body? It will cost you.  Good things do not come easy. They do take work. But they are worth it.

I’ve been working out for a long time and I can find myself getting comfortable with my workouts. In addition I stop getting better. Life is like this we strive for the best and instead we hit mediocre and begin to coast because it’s easy, but nothing ever gets better. 

Just like in the gym and with diet I have to continually push myself to be better and try new things, otherwise I stay stagnant.

So stop the excuses of why you can’t, stop setting for the easy way. Go all in, kick butt and do the best you can.

Have An Adventure


The weekend is here yet again. While I don’t really get a weekend off this week, it still gets me excited.  It should.  The weekend is a chance where we get to get away from some of the responsibilities of life, and yes relax some which is important, but it also gives us a chance to really live out our dream and be adventurous.

It’s an opportunity to take time exploring, learning, and building  your dream.  You have a full 48 hours to research, and build your goals.  Wanting to get in better shape?  No better time.  Wanting to do some research on building your specific business?  Need to write the next chapter of your novel?  Maybe you want to travel and explore somewhere new.  Go for it!

You have the time.  So be bold, be adventurous, make the most of your time this weekend.  Turn off the tv and get to work.  Your dream won’t fall in your lap.


How To Start Your Dream


So what do you do when you have a dream but don’t now how to start it?   You  have something that eats at you every day deep down.  Something that you want, that you’ve always wanted, but you don’t know how to get it, you don’t see how it’s possible when you have demands, and hard things to work through.

Well the first thing to ask is do you really want it, do you want it so much that if you don’t do it, you’ll forever question yourself on it, and regret your decision not to act.  If so then well, your answer is yes, you have to act.

So how do you start?  You start by taking  a step.  Maybe your goal is to me a musician, take your free time and start practicing, learn from everyone you can.  Maybe you want to start a coffee shop, go visit coffee shops, talk to the owners, pick their brains.

Maybe you want to be a writer.  Start reading other writers you want to be like and start writing drafts of your own.

Maybe you want to go into competition for weight lifting, or cycling.  Start training, start reading up on the sport, and doing some research online.

No one accomplishes a dream from it falling into their lap, you have to start where you are at with what you have.  The steps you take now may not seem like they will get you anywhere, but they will.  Trust me.

Don’t Stop


There’s usually a point when chasing something that you wonder if it’s worth it?  I’ve felt it, after all, if you are pursuing your dream it is inevitable that sometimes progress will be very slow. Things you’ve built up to will seem like they are not aiding you in getting any further and you may even begin to question if you made a mistake.

I have felt this, I feel this at times.  It’s not something I like necessary but something I have to get through personally.

So how do you get through days like that?

1. Remember how far you’ve come.  Life swallows us up and we can forget how much progress we’ve actually made.

2. Push forward. Even when you see no results, keep going.  Results cannot always be seen till much further down the road.

3. Stay positive, whether this involves you sitting down writing some dreams with a cup of coffee or tea, going for a gym workout and sorting out some thoughts, or taking a walk, take some quiet time away from social media to really remember why you started, and why you want what you are chasing.

You can make it, don’t give up.

Keep Going


Some days are long. Yesterday was one of those for me.  I felt like I made no head way.  I think my gym workout was the only thing I felt accomplished in.  Some days will be like that I know.  If I let my thoughts run wild it gets discouraging.

But I know that I am both tougher than the things thrown at me.  I know that today is a new day.  That yesterday is the past.

Life hits hard it’s true, but we can hit a lot harder.  Repetition, discipline, and the day in day out perseverance is what brings us to the top of the mountain.  It’s not an overnight choice, a spur of the moment action.  True these things can aid us in our struggle to the top, but it takes trying again, and again, and again.

Whatever your struggle is, don’t give up.  Keep moving, one step in front of the other.

If It’s Not Hurting….


I’m on my way to hitting my end of year goal for my weight/muscle mass.  I still have a hard month and a half to go.  Sometimes I get tired, between work, my reserve duty, my family, and my side projects I feel like I have no time for the gym.  And in reality, sure I don’t.  Nobody has time for the gym when you really think about it.

But it’s a matter of making time.  Sure after a long crappy day at work I would love to just take a hot shower and chill, but the gym is calling, and I know if I don’t go I’ll really feel like crap the next day.

So don’t ask if you have time for the gym, because, no you don’t, but you have to make time for it.

The workout process is slow, it can be frustrating, you often won’t have a workout buddy, you often will be in pain, you often will have a million things you need to do.  Do it anyway.

The benefits of fitness are innumerable, not only do you feel and look better, but you are more prepared mentally for the challenges life throws at you.  Eat right, exercise.  Whether you love cross-fit, lifting, running, cycling, whatever it is, go all in.  Don’t dip your toes in just a little.  Dive in completely.  Go for the very best version of yourself.  You won’t be sorry.

Adventure is….out there?


I like adventure.  I like it a lot, and sometimes that scares me.  It scares me to think I may never get a huge adventure.  I mean, why do we love adventurous movies if not to live vicariously through the characters?

Life goes by at a furious pace.  Work, college, and the sort keep us super busy, just struggling some weeks to make it to the weekend.  I understand this isn’t the right way to live life.  Life shouldn’t be lived for the weekend, our week, our work, our studies should bring us life.  For me I guess I’m still in progress, because I’m not there yet.  I have moments of adventure for sure, and for those I am extremely grateful.

So the only thing for it is to press on, to dig deeper, work harder, and keep going until those dreams, those adventures are a reality.  Are an every day occurrence.

Paulo Coelho says it really well: “one day you will wake up and there won’t be any more time to do the things you’ve always wanted. Do it now.”

That then is my goal.

The Wait


So what do you do when you reach that point where you’ve done almost everything you can and are playing the waiting game.  The ball was passed to you, you did the best you could, and passed it back, now you wait.

For me I hate waiting, it feels like I’m being sucker punched.  I like doing things that need to be done now, and not putting them off.  Call it diligence, call it OCD, I’m not sure, but that’s the way I am.

It can be easy to get depressed when your waiting, I know because I’m going through this waiting game right now, as I wait to hear back from some job opportunities.  It’s frustrating to not know what will happen, but at the same time it’s necessary, it’s part of the process, as frustrating as it may be.  And so I wait, and keep striving forward.  It’s worth it to do what you love.

Making The Cut


So last night on the voice, many contestants went home.  Their long journey of giving up on jobs, college, school, and other activities in the hope of making it are over, while some others move forward still holding onto that dream.

So is it truly over for them?  Do they go back to their normal lives, defeated with despair?

The tears, the despair on some of their faces.  Life can be like this, we charge ahead thinking we are on the right path and are going to make it, then are blind-sided by an unexpected halt.  Sometimes these unexpected halts are not bad things, we find out our spouse is pregnant, we get a job transfer, layoff, or promotion.  All really good things, but that can unexpectedly cause our lives to go in a different direction.

When these things happen we have two options, we go in the new direction and ignore the other, or we find ways to make both work.  Will it be harder to move on now?  Absolutely.  New obstacles cause our dreams to get even harder.

Seeing voice contestants go home really makes me wonder, what they will do.   Will they give up, or will it cause them to push even harder, and go farther than anyone ever imagined.

Regardless of what comes in life to try to stop you, keep going.  Don’t let disappointment stop you, because regardless of what you do you will face it, but it’s not the end, it’s not the final statement.  I wish the best for those who didn’t make it.  If you are struggling with feeling like you are not making it, or have met with all the resistance you can take, please, keep going.  You can make it.  It may not be the way you think to the end goal, but get creative, don’t take rejection and prove the critics wrong.

You’ve got this.

You Don’t Need God’s Permission


I had a friend ask me the other day if I thought we are supposed to wait for God’s permission before following our dreams.  My response?  Absolutely not.

It seems like there’s this unspoken knowledge that if you are Christian you are supposed to sit quietly in your house and do nothing until a booming voice shakes the walls of your house, and the bath water in your tub parts.

Here’s the deal. God put dreams in you. Wild crazy dreams.  There are things that you are both extremely good at and love doing.  Maybe it’s painting, maybe it’s being a race car driver, maybe it’s being an awesome leader, or speaker.  Maybe it’s having a knack for fashion, or graphic design.  God put those things in you, you don’t just have these desires for no reason.  Go after them.  You have two hands, you have skills, put them to use!  Don’t just sit on your talent and dreams.

You go until you get an affirmative no from God, and if you don’t get no then you keep going.  You already have a green light, stop wasting time, stop waiting for “God’s timing” God’s timing started when you were born, so the clock is already ticking.  Get going!