I Want To Be Better


I confess I can be a very selfish person sometimes.  I can get my head so wrapped around my own issues and I lose sight of the bigger things in the world.  I get so caught up in striving for my gain and I lose sight of those who need me to stop striving and to stop and help.

If there is one thing needed it’s kindness.  It’s self sacrifice.  It’s caring enough to stop and help.

It’s taking the time to look up from my screen and see the world around me.  Taking a step back and looking at what is around me. Because I all too often miss it.  Not just overlook it, but miss it completely.

I forget there are kids who will go to bed hungry tonight, or scared of what may happen to them while they sleep.

I forget that somewhere a man doesn’t know where his family’s next meal will come from. I forget that someone is contemplating living because they can’t remember the last time someone was kind to them.

Simple things. Simple things that I so often overlook.

I want to be better.

The Meaning of Sacrifice


We all want to be more.  We watch movies about overcoming, about becoming stronger, becoming a better person.  We love the idea of a hero.  Love the idea of overcoming seemingly impossible odds.

So why then does our motivation stop with the rolling of the credits to a favorite movie?  Why do we lack the motivation in our every day life?

It’s because we are lacking one vital key.  It’s called sacrifice.  You can’t expect to have a life like no other when you live like everyone else.  It’s just not possible. You have to take risks, you have to be bold, have to be daring.

Yes as you step out you will be scared to death.

I love, and I mean love the movie “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty”. Last year when I saw that movie for the first time, I didn’t even know yet that my life would be radically changing as I joined the Navy.

Now here I am 6 months into my Naval career with still 3 months to go until I am reunited with my wife and child. It’s been a huge sacrifice on both mine and my wife’s part. It’s taken sacrifice.  It’s taken long lonely nights, it’s taken missing my baby girl’s precious smile.  But in 3 months I’ll have that back.  Yes it’s been tiring, hard, but it’s been so worth it.  It’s taking me and my family where we want to go.  We are dreaming bigger than ever.  We are living our lives to the fullest, the craziest busiest run and go life and we love every minute of it.  We want our daughter to grow up knowing that great things are hard, but worth it.

So start doing.  Take the leap, jump, and believe.  It will be worth it.

It’s Worth It


Got a goal?  Got an idea?  Got a dream? Awesome.  Dream big, anchor that puppy down and start building it.  Now. where you are at.

It’s easy to use lack of resources, know-how, time, money, as an excuse to put off dreaming big.  But it’s just excuses, nothing more, nothing less.  I know because all too often I’ve let excuses get in my way of living my life to the fullest.

And while I’m sure there will be excuses that will rear their head, I know to pop them down like a whack a mole game because they keep real life out.  They keep real experiences.

I am learning to live bold, to live free, to live a crazy, busy, fast paced life, because in reality life is short.  We have so limited time to do all the millions of things we are meant to do and I don’t want to hit the end knowing I left stones unturned.

There will be obstacles, will be doubters, will be mistakes, hard work…but there truly are no limits.  Live it out today.  Live it to the fullest.

Starting Where You Are At


There are a million awesome ideas and dreams that people have. Sadly many of those ideas and dreams no one will ever know about. Why? Because of procrastination. Life is super busy and throws sucker punches often. And we have a way of saying “tomorrow”.  We say that we’ll follow our dream once we have X amount of dollars, once our kids are grown, once we are married, once we are out of college. 

     All these reasons gridlock our lives into stagnation and we end up one day never having anything except regrets and ideas that never got out of our minds.

    Start today. Let today be the day that you rise above defeat. That you become more than average. Work your butt of, don’t waste time. Put dreams to reality and live the dream now. Not tomorrow, not someday. Live it today.

Grab Life


Step up to the plate. It’s yours for the taking if you want it. Life isn’t meant to just get through, it’s meant to conquer and step into boldly.

It’s not about staying safe and comfortable on your beach house all your life, it’s about going boldly into the face of danger, fighting for things you are passionate about and not giving up.

Life is about bold, daring adventures. It’s about giving more than you get, about taking chances, taking steps in the direction of your dreams.

Don’t get caught up in a fantasy world, where TV shows become your reality, and having the perfect house with 2.5 kids is your ultimate goal. There’s nothing wrong with wanting those things and having them, but there is so much more to life than just that.

You were meant for more, and you are capable of more. So get out there and grab life by the horns.

I Wish I….


How many times have you thought to yourself “I wish I would have” or “If I was younger”?
I’m pretty sure we all have things we wish we would have done, thought we should have done, or wished we could go back and change. I’ve had these thoughts myself, and I hear them all the time from other people.

My question is, why do we put a timeline on our lives. A timeline that says if we don’t accomplish this or that by a certain age then we just need to settle down and find something that is “good enough”. Why we live with this mentality I’m not sure. There is no magical number that you have to have everything together on.
I was 29 when I joined the military. Some thought I was crazy. Why join the military at that age when you have a good job, a family, and a comfortable average life right?

That’s just it. I don’t want an average life. For what I want to do I have to do certain things to get there. Sure going through all this is hard, but it’s not as hard as having to wake up one day when it really is too late and wishing I had done something when I can.

We only have one life, and in it, we can do anything we choose to do. But that just it. It’s the choice that is the hardest thing. It’s making the decision and choosing to work hard, to make sacrifices in order to get to a long term goal.



Today there are many things that we take for granted. Not necessarily on purpose, but because we live busy lives and often don’t think of what it took to get us to where we are. What we or others gave for us to get there.

Memorial day is one of those times that allows us to stop for a minute and remember. So amidst the barbeques, beach visits and picnics take a moment to remember. Remember that there are those who have given their live so we can live in freedom and safely spend the day with our families today. Remember those left behind who now have to make it through life without their spouse, without their father, without their mother.

The selfless acts of thousands of men and women went above and beyond to serve us, to serve our families, to serve their country.

So today, wherever you are, whatever you are doing, take a moment to honor them, to remember them.

Bring The Change

What are some ways you can make a difference? Really. How do you influence others, how do you make the world a better place? Surprisingly it’s not some big huge event, doesn’t require millions of dollars, backing by a movie star, or political leadership. It requires you making the right change in your life every day. Sure we screw up. Everyone of us do. But we have to strive to live life that we can be proud of, that our children could be proud of.

Our actions should be those of which if someone had a 24/7 camera on us they wouldn’t find any reason to be ashamed.
Lofty goal? Yes. But doable? Yes.

Start today, start making right decisions. Whether it be simple decisions at your job. Doing things properly when everyone else is taking shortcuts. Walking away from a party you know you shouldn’t be at.

Getting out of a relationship you know is unhealthy. Staying true to the person you are in a relationship with.

Stop wishing things would change, and simply live the change live out an example you would want to follow each and every day. Don’t stop. And don’t ever ask if it’s making a change, because you may never know whether it is bringing about change, but people are watching.

Meet The Waves

Took my daughter to the beach just a week ago. The first day didn’t go well. It consisted of her clinging to me and freaking out if the sand touched her. She’s a bit OCD when it comes to messes to the point where she walks around picking up any little things on the floor and throwing them away. She couldn’t stand the mess or the thought of what she thought was dirt being on her. She didn’t leave the beach blanket the whole day.

So going back for the second day I wasn’t sure how it would go.
It started off better, she walked down to the beach area despite the sand getting on her feet. I picked her up and took her down to the water. With each wave of water that crashed onto us she clung a little tighter to my neck and pointed to the shore where she wanted to go to get away from the water.

I know my daughter and she is a little adventurer. She has no fear and I can tell already she has a type A personality. She strikes up conversations with everyone she meets and is a take charge person in a group of kids, so I knew she would love the ocean if she just got over that initial fear.

So despite her requests and pointing to go back to the beach area I stuck it out. Soon I knelt down so that when the waves came they would hit her. At first she started freaking out. But after about 10 minutes she started to get used to it. She then was brave enough to release her death grip around my neck and stood in the sand as the waves crashed around her feet.

Five minutes later she was running towards the water, letting the water crash over her and laughing hysterically.  She had zero fear as the water smacked her in the face, and she ran up and down the beach giggling for an hour.
How often do we act like that? We don’t know how something is going to go, so we just stay where things are safe, where we are comfortable. We are comfortable with the seashore, but don’t want to venture towards the waves, so we stay with what we know, we stay where it’s comfortable, and because of that we miss out on so much of life. There is so much waiting if we put our foot in the water and embrace it. So what is holding you back?

What do you want to do that you have fear about? Get over your fear and race out into the water. You never know what great things are waiting for you.

Stop Listening


Stop listening. That’s right. Stop listening to the doubters, the haters, the naysayers. Stop listening to society who says it’s okay to cheat. Its’ okay to lie. It’s okay to not take care of your body. It’s okay to not discipline your children. It’s okay to look at other women, okay to ignore real world problems. Okay to not step in when you see something wrong. Okay to look the other way.
Stop listening to all these lies, because they are nothing more than that. They are lies, and dangerous ones at that. Start listening to your gut, not what others are trying to shove down your throat. We all know what is truly right, and what is wrong. But that gray area in between seems to get larger and larger, until we no longer even see the right or wrong.
Stop listening to white lies and take charge. Take ownership of your life and the actions you choose and stop letting what is popular or what society deems as satisfactory rule your life, and step up and stop listening.