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Author, film-maker, husband to an amazing wife, father of an incredible daughter. Work-out nut. Fighter of human trafficking.

I Was Wrong


“I was wrong”, that’s something I know I hate saying, and I would imagine a lot of people have trouble saying that.  It admits we messed up, it admits we aren’t perfect, and it admits we have struggles to work through.

Furthermore when we tell someone that, it gives them power over us, that they were in the right.

But it is far better when we just admit we were wrong, apologize and move on, striving to be better next time.  By doing this first we save ourselves from being defensive, from saying things in anger that we don’t mean, and from fighting with someone we care about.

“I was wrong”, three simple words that we should get more comfortable saying.  It doesn’t mean we are weak, it doesn’t mean we are inferior, it means we can admit that we have faults, and areas in our lives that need improvement.

Don’t be afraid to say when you are wrong.

The Blame Game


It seems we are swarmed with blame everywhere we look. Everything is always someones fault.  The newest it the Ebola case.  I heard someone talking on the radio and the whole show was devoted to talking about whose fault it was that it’s in America.

I couldn’t help but think “what a complete waste”.  Whether it’s political, whether it’s religious, pop culture, whatever, there is so much blame.  Everyone wants to find a fall person, someone to hold responsibility, to play the scapegoat.

The truth is, if half of the energy and time that we devote to blaming was placed on finding solutions to problems, the world’s problems would be solved.

It doesn’t do any good to try to figure out whose fault something is.  The biggest thing that will help people is admitting there is a problem, and coming up with a solution, regardless of whose fault it was.

This applies in our own lives as well, among our friends, our family, our relatives. In reality it doesn’t matter whose fault something was.  Move on and make life better.

Stop Waiting For Perfect



There’s a really big hold up to living our lives to the fullest.  In truth I only know because it kept me from getting out and living my life for far too long.  The thing is I held back for so long because I didn’t know what that one perfect thing I wanted to do was, that one thing that would bring me life.

And then I realized something, if I kept waiting around for that one thing, years would go by and I would never do anything.  That made something finally click with me, and I realized there is no perfect thing.  The only way we find out what we have a passion for and what we want to do is by trying new things.

Yes it’s scary as crap, but just do it, stop saying should I and just take some chances. Even if they don’t turn out to be that one thing you want to do, you will have experienced some life, and you will be that much closer to finding what you do want to do.

Just Start


Often starting a journey is the hardest part of anything.  We find reasons why we shouldn’t, think of all the things that might happen or that could happen.  The what if’s plague us until we just give up on what we were going to do.

And so we never even start, we just go on dreaming hoping that something will change one day, while we take no strides to make it change.

Change is scary, it isn’t always easy, it gets us out of our comfort zones and disrupts our routing, and heaven knows how we like our routine.

But change also brings things we really can’t even dream of.  Change brings new hope, new ideas, and new beginnings, we just get so caught up in the negative aspects of change that we lose sight of the good.

But when facing decisions on whether to start something keep in mind the benefit of that change, and what you hope to see happen.  Keep your eyes on the goal, on the end result, and push the fear aside.  Most of what you fear will never happen anyways.

Sometimes You Have to Let Go


It’s really easy to get caught up in something so much so that you can’t let it go. Part of moving on and getting on with life though is letting go.

Sometimes my job requires using old equipment and getting it back up and running. While there are a lot of different methods you can use to do that, there are times, when no matter what you try it just won’t work, and you’ve got to rip it out and put something new in.

Knowing when to try something new can be a challenge, when does the time you put into trying to make an old method work, outweigh the cost of just starting over.

It’s easy to get caught up in one single focus, but sometimes it doesn’t work, and you have to get creative and try something new.  I’m not saying change your goal, but at least the means to get there.

Don’t get tunnel-vision.  Look for new and creative ways to do things different.  It will broaden your horizons.

Positive Vs. Negative


In our strive to be right day an age, it’s really easy to get caught up in arguments over what is right/what is wrong.  To argue on social media, and to put blatant opinions about everything out for the world to see.

Amidst all this there tends to be a lot of negativity, posting of why this or that is not good, why you should not vote or support x, y, and z.

But all that negativity really doesn’t get anyone anywhere.

Rather than always stating what we are fighting against, we need to start fighting for different things, fighting for what is right, for the lost causes.  Showing support of what we believe.

This goes so much farther than fighting against something, because when you stay positive and live your life for what you believe, you will find there will no longer be a need to argue against anything, because your life will serve as an example of what you feel strongly about.

Try taking a positive approach.

“Those Places”


There’s this well known list among most Christians of the places you are and are not supposed to go, the list of things you should and should not do, and the people you should or should not talk to.

Christianity often becomes a large clique, with only those  who are on the up and up invited.

Most of this is just plain silly.

Often times if someone starts a ministry that is geared towards a certain area, that is out of the ordinary, some will turn up their noses, point their fingers, and otherwise look down on those who are trying to step out in a way that defies current tradition.

But that’s the same thing Jesus did.  He was hanging out in the places that the Pharisees said he shouldn’t. He was befriending those who the church had either hurt, or treated as outcasts.  He was a friend to those who rarely had anyone visit them.

If he was here today, he would be in the bars, in the strip clubs, in the brothels, in the prisons, in the harsh places, visiting and showing love.  He didn’t just die for those who sit comfortable in their church pews and keep a list of do’s and dont’s.  He died for every person, regardless of their background, creed, or past.

“Those places” that are looked down upon are the very places where true love, and true friends are needed.

Coping Methods


We all have different methods of coping.  For some it might be writing or drawing, for others it might be jumping in the car and driving with the radio blasting, for others it might be some alone time, others might head off into the wilderness.  On the other hand, some may turn to some type of substance, whether that’s in the from of a chemical, drug, or person of the opposite of sex.

At some point in all of our lives we are hit with something that sucker punches us and we find ourselves having to deal with the pain and cope with it.  The true determination of our true selves comes not with whether we handle the blow with a straight face, but rather how we cope.

Coping can be a very good thing, it can calm us, lead us to new things, and restore us. Or it can end up destroying us.

Plan ahead of time what you love to do, what helps you calm down. When you do this in advance, then when the time to cope comes you will have a game plan to help you through it.

Healthy Eating, Healthy Mind


It’s amazing the drastic difference you feel when you eat healthy.  My wife and I strive to eat healthy, we don’t always succeed, but we stay away from processed foods, rarely eat any kind of fast food, keep things whole grain, low sugar etc.

It’s amazing when you keep this up how much better you feel.  Our lives have been busier than normal (which I didn’t think possible lol), and it kind of caused some food habits to slip for a few weeks.  We are now back at it, and it feels great.  It is amazing the difference you feel mentally when you know you are feeding your body what it needs.

You have more energy, you are sharper, and are more healthy as well.

So if you are debating on whether to make the shift into eating healthier, let me assure you it is more than worth it.

Digging In


Life has been crazy lately.  Between work, college, family, writing full time, and the million trips and exhausting paper work required to join the military, I have not been hitting the gym like normal.  And I feel it to.  Not just when I look in the mirror, but just with my overall alertness, endurance, and mental well-being.

I’ve started back up on my regular routine, which includes my strict diet.  Diet to me is about 70% of the battle, while working out takes the right foods and turns them into muscle.

It feels good to start my typical routine again.  I was out of it for a good month, and I hate that.  I’m somewhat ahead in my studies, the military stuff is squared away and now I can start focusing on my workouts again.

If you’ve hit a dry spell and haven’t been able to keep up your routine for a little while, don’t sweat it, just jump back in and get right back where you want to be.

It’s too easy to miss a week here and a week there and abandon it all together.  Life happens, and sometimes there simply aren’t enough hours in the day to juggle everything, but as soon as time becomes available again, start pushing yourself.  It is worth it.