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Author, film-maker, husband to an amazing wife, father of an incredible daughter. Work-out nut. Fighter of human trafficking.

See The Good


Find the good.  It is there, everywhere.  Sometimes, it’s out of sight, sometimes it’s hidden, sometimes, you might have to dig deep to find it.  But the good is there.

It surrounds us if we let it. Perception is everything.  We can choose to see only the downside to things, we can choose to see only the bad things in our lives, or we can look for the good.

Not only the good in our lives, but the good in others.  We can find that good in others and draw it out of them.  Find something to compliment about another person, take the time out to ask someone how they are doing, look them in the eye when you do that.

Finding the good in others, will draw out the good in yourself as well.  Goodness is contagious.  Take part in others lives, and view them as valued.

You will be amazed at how your whole day and viewpoint change when you do this.  Try it.

Some Days Are Hard




If you live on this earth, you have bad days.   We all do.  I know I do.  There are days when I sometimes feel blah.  I feel disappointment, frustration,and like I am so far behind in the game.

I know it will pass, I  know I will be over the issues I am dealing with tomorrow, but that still doesn’t really help today.

I guess the biggest thing I can do today is try not to focus on the things that are hard, try not to focus on the difficult things in my life.  But rather focus on what is to come, the good things to come.

It’s easy to get caught up in wishing things were different, but life is what it is sometimes, and there are some things that are just outside of our control, and as much as we wish they were different, they aren’t, so we have to make the best of it and choose joy.

If you are having a crappy day, know it will pass.

Oh The Possibilities




We live in a culture that says just be tough, don’t let your emotions show, and for goodness sake don’t be vulnerable.  Living this way to a “T” can have some devastating results.  Let me explain…

We need to be strong in the sense of secure in ourselves, we  need to know where we stand, and what we believe.  We need to be okay if people fall away, that will happen in life, and we have to be on a firm enough foundation to know that when they do, we will be good.

But we also have to be vulnerable.  We have to open up ourselves to fully explore, dream, and live life.  Yes we may be opening up ourselves to hurt, but also to great possibilities.

So don’t be afraid to be vulnerable. It’s not a bad thing.  Being a rock, will cause great opportunities to bounce off of you, whereas being vulnerable allows you to be open to them.


Conquer Your Day


This day is yours, it was meant to be conquered, meant for you to use your creativity, your passion, and your knowledge to better not just you but everyone around you.

So how do you do this? How do you conquer your day?  Conquer yourself. Your fears, misgiving, insecurities, hopelessness, all these things can be like a huge weight on your back shoving you down to the ground.  But another thing about all these things is they can all be conquered in your mind.

Most of the things that keep us stuck in life are not external circumstances, but rather inward ones.  Take control over your emotions, fears, and short-comings, after all they are only yours to overcome, it’s not something someone else or some five step program can fix.

You are enough and you can conquer.  Do it.  No more excuses, no more reasons why you shouldn’t.

From here on out only why you should, why you shouldn’t wait one more day to chase with abandon what makes you come alive, and what your God given talent is.

Conquer your mind.  Conquer yourself, the rest will all into place.

Win Your Mind




I work out a lot. It’s hard.  I’ve been doing it for years, but there’s still the days where I have a conversation in my head about the possibility of skipping a day.

So many things that we want to overcome and accomplish have to be overcome in our minds first. If we can win the battle in our mind over something, chances are the victory in the physical sense will be much easier.

Regardless of what it is.  Our thoughts have a bad habit of keeping us stuck.

Take ownership over your thoughts and realize, that you can do whatever task you are setting out to do, you were created to do just that, and anyone else or any thoughts you have that might say otherwise have to be defeated.   Remind yourself you are enough.

Remind yourself you do have the stamina, the endurance, and the strength to conquer any task that rears its head to you.

Kick butt today.  Win your mind.

Don’t Let Fear Stop You


Fear is something that we often conjure up when faced with something that we don’t know all the details about. We have a dream, but we lose sight of it and get caught up in being content with our average life.  We are perfectly fine with the good we’ve discovered without going after the great.

But we lost out on so much greatness by holding onto fears that more than likely won’t ever even come to fruition.

You have to kick your fear to the curb, stop the voices in your head that say “what if this,” and “what if that.”

The only thing those voices are good for is absolutely nothing.

You have the potential to do great things, but not until you step out and go for it, not until you overcome your fear that keeps you from taking that first step.  You can master fear.  It starts with one decision.  Isn’t it time you made it?

Don’t Rely On Others


It’s a fragile balance, knowing the need for other people in your life, while not relying on them to make it through your day.  When we put all our stock in someone they will undoubtedly let us down.  It’s inevitable, we are human and we suck sometimes.

But we are also great sometimes, and relationships can push us to be better spouses, children, parents, siblings, friends, bosses, employees, and better people.

We should look for the good in our relationships the things that we both offer each other and can give one another, but we also should keep in mind the need for our strength in solitude.  It is key to know that on our own we can be strong, we can be enough.

But we can also take satisfaction that our relationships can also bring additional value and strength.

Both strength in solitude and strength from relationships is good, just be sure your strength in yourself is enough to support you, and you aren’t relying on someone else for that.

Leaving On A Jet Plane


Today I am heading to Navy boot camp.  I will be off the grid so to speak for the next 8-9 weeks.  I have been working hard at writing my posts ahead of time and scheduling them, so I hope you enjoy my blogs over the next 8 weeks despite my absence.  Unfortunately I will not be able to reply to your wonderful comments, but I look forward to them when I get back.

I must say I am very excited at the  new possibilities ahead.  Despite my OCD tendencies to have everything planned, I am for the most part very excited about the unknown, and look forward to telling all of you the many life lessons and stories I will have when I get back.

Best of wishes, and please continue to check my blog every day.  Talk to you in 2 months.

Be Bold, Be Daring


The caption above says it all.   Waiting around until you feel like going after your dream, or doing that crazy thing you really want to do gets you nowhere.

There has to come a day when you make the jump, when you take off running and don’t look back, and don’t give up.

We are kings and queens of excuses and through deliberation we will come up with every one in the book to keep us from doing whatever crazy dream we have.  Our excuses today have even turned into things like “I’ll miss the new episode of such and such show”. I mean can our excuses get any lamer?  Really?  Since when did a TV show, social media or some other distraction take precedence over going after daring and bold adventures?

When did knowing what happens to a fictional character mean more than making our own life filled with adventures.

I am a huge advocate for reading.  My wife and I go through books and audiobooks like nobody’s business, but even in reading you have to be reading things that are challenging you, not just feeding your fantasies and helping you to live a fictional life.  Then you have to act on what you read.  Take the lessons and apply them to your life.

Distractions kill us, they keep us stuck.  Deal with them and move forward.

What Way?


Which way am I supposed to go? This is an age old question that seems to be even more prevalent today than ever before.

The fear of choosing the wrong path keeps us from choosing any path.

Usually people are faced with two different things.

1.  They have so many things they want to do they don’t know which to choose.


2. They don’t know what one thing they are super passionate about.

I fall in to the category of the second. Which is a big reason why I joined the Navy.  I can sit around and try to figure crap out in my head and make all these great plans and never get anywhere or I can try some things and make headway.

Because when we start moving in a direction it naturally narrows our focus and shows us what truly want.  It really doesn’t even matter what direction, try things, go after things, and see them through.  You will grow through the experience, meet people you never would have otherwise, and you will have a much better vision of what you want for your life.

So go for it and quit dragging your feet.  If those we consider “great” had just stuck with their thoughts and hadn’t done anything the world would be a much worse place. Which leads us to ask if we started doing and stopped talking about what we would like to do, or should do and actually did it, how much better off we would all be it.

Quit talking and start doing.