You Better Work


Fitness fascinates me. What the human body is capable of is quite incredible. I love to see people who are top athletes who have worked their butts off to get to the top. The amount of dedicatino and determination to get there is staggering. I am not on that level. Not even close.

But I am dedicated to my workouts and to my diet. It’s hard work, and I still after years of lifting have days I don’t want to go to the gym, what I really want is huge bowl of mint chocolate chip ice cream. But it takes saying no to the bad and yes to the good, over and over and over. Sound annoying? Well it is sometimes.

But seeing your body transform into something else is a pretty awesome journey.

Don’t be discouraged regardless of where you are. I have come a long way but I still have a long way to go to hit my personal goals. I am constantly trying to discover new techniques, new diet tricks to reach new goals. Every year I set new fitness goals for myself. I’ve just about hit mine for this year and I’m excited to make new ones.

So do whatever it takes, whether lifting is your thing, running, swimming, biking, hiking, whatever it is, get out there and do it. And do it consistently. Don’t quit just because it starts getting hard. That’s when you need to grit your teeth and push yourself beyond your limits. You can do it.

You Want A Different Life?


You know there’s something missing in life. You get up go through the motions, go to work, cash your check, veg out on the weekend and repeat. It’s like the Matrix all over, you know there’s soemthing not quite right but you can’t put your finger on it. You wish there was something as easy as taking a pill and your eyes opening up to a new world.

Well there is. I am amazed how bound to jobs people feel they are. That they can never do anything else in life. That simplly is not true. But you have to want it. We get comfortable in life. I’m guilty of this. I’ve been at jobs and not wanted to necessarily change because I know the routine, I know how to make sure things go smoothly.

But that’s just it. Still water may look pretty, but it’s not near as fun as waves. So rock your boat and jump ship.

I’m not saying just up and quit on the spot and avoid all responsibility. But if you are not doing what you want to do, then start making change. Sure it takes guts, work, sweat, tiring nights maybe. As the saying goes, if it was easy everyone would do it right? No change isn’t easy.

When you finally decide to make a big change though something extraordinary happens. We go from living a plain normal lifestyle where something is missing, to being, a little scared, scared of the unknown, intrigued by the possibilities that await and hopeful for what is to come. Despite the change it brings in a rush of excitement.

So whatever it is you’ve been putting off, go for it.

Go Big


I like a lot of people don’t particularly enjoy Monday, it steals away my weekend liberty. But every weekend it comes. But in reality if there were no Monday we wouldn’t get to the weekend, we probably wouldn’t even enjoy the weekend very much.

Life throws us things that are not necessarily pleasant. Things that we have to work even harder to get through, things that blindside us on a day we are least expecting it. But just like Monday makes the weekend sweeter, so do the times that aren’t necessarily pleasant.

They make us see how much we can value the good times because we have experienced bad times. Sure Mondays aren’t great but in truth we have the same capabilities, the same dreams, same ambitions. It’s just a day. A day we were made to conquer. Like any other, we can not just get through it, but we can make the most of it.

We can kick butt today like any other day. In fact if anything this is the start of a brand new week, a fresh slate every 7 days. Start your workout today, regardless of whether you have a good day at work or not. Make that phone call you’ve been putting off, make ameds with whoever you have fought with.

Go for it, not just a little bit but a lot. Throw yourself completely and irreversibly into the fray of an adventurous life, and you will not look back or regret it.

Go big.

Stop Talking About


       Lots of people talk.  About lots of different topics.  Social media allows people to be super bold even if they are super quiet in person.

      Sadly a lot of people hide behind their posts.  It’s really easy to trash something and point out all the things wrong with the world, with people, or the government.  But if all you’re doing is bad mouthing it what good is that?

      If you feel passionately enough about something to rant on social media, then you should stop just talking and get up and actually do something about. 

      If you are passionate about something good!  But don’t just talk about.  Live out that passion regardless of what it takes.

Making the Change


      How many people really like change?  I mean really.   A lot of people say they do, and yet the way they live their lives doesn’t really reflect it.

     I’m not gonna lie change doesn’t come easy for me but I am learning to love it.  I don’t want to be that person who when I’m old looks back and says that I’ve lived in the same place in the same house and had the same job all my life.

     I want to get out and see as much as the world as I can.  I want to experience different cultures, different areas of the country.  I don’t want to stay stagnant. 
    And you know what’s interesting? The more you change the more comfortable you become with it.  It’s like a job.  That first week you are terrified of doing something wrong then you start getting in a routine and before you know it you don’t even think about it anymore.
     So if there are things you want to change don’t let fear of the change keep you from changing, because that fear is very temporary. 

To Those In Your 30’s


       Thirties can be a dreaded time by some. For some it’s the first time you feel like an adult, for others it feels like accomplishing your dreams are over. For some it means the wild days are over and it’s time to live a normal life.
          First let me tell you what 30’s is not then we’ll talk about what it is.
           30 is not the end.  30 is not the time to sit on the couch watching football in your suburbia house with your 2.5 kids.
         30 is not the time to stop exploring and stop being adventurous.
         30 is not the time to quit dreaming.
         30 is not the time when your kids are your sole goal in life.
         30 is not the time when pinterest crafts and decorating your home to look like something out of a magazine should be your goal.
        If anything your 30’s should be a time to live life even more bolder than before.  Your kids are at an age where they need to see their parents going out and making the world a better place and building their dreams and their parents saying to them “dreams take risk, watch and don’t be afraid”.
       If you are in your thirties now is the best time to get in shape, to build your busineas, to go back to school, to work hard for your dreams.  You have more confidence under your belt more experience, more motivation.
       So many people use their family, job, or age as As a crutch to keep them from truly living.  It’s an excuse that keeps us lazy and complacent.

      Your family should be a propellant to make you want to be more for them and so that your kids will grow up seeing what it truly means to live to the fullest.
      So stop being depressed, stop playing fantasy football and fussing over coffee for hours to no end. 
      Get out there and make something of your life. Build your future, do the things you were meant to do to make this place better for you and your family and those who will follow you.
      Be more.

You Are More


      Whether you are just starting out with fitness goals or have been at it for some time.   You know that excuses creep up.   “I don’t feel like it today”, “I deserve to not workout this week”.  We’ve all been there.

     That’s why it’s so important no matter what stage you are at to have goals.  I’ve been working out for about 7 years now and I am constantly changing and improving my goals to push myself further. 

     If you don’t do this you will stay stagnant, which will keep you at average.
     Run harder, lift more, eat cleaner.  Hit that new max lift, run under that old record time, bike further and faster. 
     Whatever is your thing, strive to be the best at it.  It will pay off, and when it does set higher goals.  Don’t ever quit.

Be Fit. No More Excuses


Opportunity is always there it’s just a matter of you beating down  the door to get it.
   I’m now in my 30’s and I have never been in better physical shape. I can run circles around some 20 year olds in the gym. On the other hand I see guys older than me who are in even better shape than I am and it inspires me.  I am constantly setting new goals and higher standards, and I don’t expect that will ever change, because I know I can always be more.

     Age has really become a crutch in our society. We think that because we are in our 20’s that life is just about sleeping around and partying or that when we are in our 30’s we should just make money have 2.5 kids and watch sports. When we hit 50 we think it’s okay yo abandoned reason for affairs or over priced cars. It’s really outrageous when you think about it.
       The truth is regardless of your age you should be fighting for something larger than yourself, striving for more.  Don’t say when you are young “I’ll get on shape when I’m older”.  And if you are older don’t think it’s too late to get in shape.
      Drop the excuses, and instead drop kick the door of opportunity and march in.