Make Your Path


What is it you want to do in life? Build a business, go college, travel the world? We all have desires deep down. We all want to make more of our lives.
    We all grow up with dreams.   We have ideas of what we want to be. But how often do we find ourselves stuck in a job we don’t enjoy, doing something we never thought we would because we feel like we have no options. But we do.
    You don’t have to stay stuck.  There’s no law that says you have to stay in one job. 
  I think we stay stuck because we fail to dream and fail to take chances.  We don’t take the time to explore our options.  We have options but it takes work. It takes brushing up your resume, making phone calls. It takes going to classes at night.
    Following your dream takes sacrifice it does. It takes the few hours you have that are free out of your busy week. There are definitely weeks I fail at this. Between work, my family, working out, and the many other things that life throws at me, I definitely don’t always spend what free time I do have in pursuing my dreams and instead watch some Parks and Recreation.
   You will have days when you won’t always chase your dreams. But start the process.  Start chasing it. You can make change and you can do what you feel you were created to do.

Skinny to Bulk


Eight years ago if you saw me your first response would probably have been, “he needs to eat a burger” and in truth I did.  I was a skinny scrawny guy, who lacked a lot of motivation and confidence.

Sometimes looking back I really don’t even recognize myself.  What started out as me buying some cheap weights from Academy turned into an obsession some years later.  But even after lifting for a couple years I lacked much growth.  I had gained definition, but nothing else.  I was still new to the whole world of fitness, and still thought, “you just need to lift to get big right?”

2011                            Now

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I didn’t understand the concept of what true fitness was until I  started eating in order to cleanly bulk.  I started doing shakes, starting eating clean, starting not to eat junk food, and ate a ton of clean calories.   The result?  I put on 50 pounds of muscle and counting.

Working out is key, but so is diet. Your body cannot grow the way in needs to and condition the way it needs to without proper diet.  Likewise if you are trying to lose weight, you can’t expect to just work out and drop the weight you want.  You have to change you diet in addition to your workout habits.  They go hand in hand.

So don’t give up on goals, keep trying new things, but stick with it.

Risk Taker?


Would you consider yourself a risk taker?  If not how come?  Do you think we should live a life of risk?  Or a life of security.

Security is nice.  After all my day job involves securing peoples homes, so I know first hand how important security is.  But I’m not talking about security over our possessions or personal beings and families.  I’m talking about security in never doing anything that involves us taking chances.

For instance. Maybe you have a good job, but you hate it.  You dread the drive in to work, and you have trouble falling asleep the night before because you are dreading it so much.  Maybe what you really want to do involves a lot less money.

So what?  Take the risk and go for it.   Would you rather live in misery instead?

Or maybe you are really into him or her and are debating jumping totally in, moving for them, or committing to them.  Is there truly a reason you are hesitant?  Or is it simply you are afraid.

Fear can cripple, it can paralyze us and keep us stuck.

Time marches on faster than we realize, so get out of your normal routine, and start something grand today.

When You Don’t Want To


So it’s been over a week since I’ve posted,far too long, and I apologize for my absence.  I got back home on Wednesday and am now reunited with my wife and daughter.  Eight months of living 9 months apart is over as I trained in the military. Instead of seeing my family only through Skype I get to see them and be with them each day.

I am  not going to lie while I was away it was painful.  We had strains and we had bad days both me and my wife.  It’s rough living apart for that long.

But it’s over. Eight months ago it seemed like this day would never come.  When I left home in January it seemed like September was years away.

Two things I realized through this experience.  One is that pain is temporary.  Yes it sucked some days, but all in all, it’s a very short time and flew by and the benefits and reward will far outweigh the short amount of time we both sacrificed in order for me to go through this life changing experience.

If you are debating making a tough decision just remember it is temporary, it will pass, and you should go for it.  Don’t live with regrets and should haves.

Want Adventure?


Adventure is a funny thing. We seem to all crave it.  Maybe not all, but within many of us lies a desire to get caught up in something bigger than ourselves.  We want to be swept away into a land of mystery.

Billions of dollars are spent on movies, video games, and other virtual mechanisms that try to take us to another place.

The truth is, adventure is our for the taking.  It’s all around us.  As kids we know this to be true. All it takes is some awesome sun glasses and a cape and the sky is the limit for us.

But along the way of life we stop caring, we stop wanting more with our lives, and start settling.  To a degree some settling has to occur, after all we are adults now and have to take care of our responsibilities, but that doesn’t mean we abandon the crazy dreams and adventurous life style we want.

What is your dream?  What do you want to do?  Chances are whatever it is, it requires risk, it requires taking chances, and not being able to see what’s around the next bend.

But don’t be afraid of that.  Embrace it and run forward.  Life is what you make of it. If you want it to be complacent and safe, you can make it that way, if you want a daring adventure, you can make that happen.

When It Starts


When you start out something new, it can be scary.  Even thinking about starting something new can be really scary.  The fear of the unknown has paralyzed many from venturing off the beaten path.

This is normal though.  There’s not something wrong with you for feeling this way.  We have fears we have inhibitions often.  That is a normal part of life.

The popular quote about courage not being the absence of fear but rather feeling fear and choosing to still move forward.  That is the essence of courage.  To see the unknown road, to realize that there may be twists and turns that we know nothing about, that there might be things that jump out at us, that try to drag us down along the way, but we can get through them.

It’s easy to focus on all the “what ifs” I’m bad about this.  I often think of everything that can possibly go wrong.  But you know what?  So what.  So what if if things go wrong.  So what if things come crashing down around you, you will get through those circumstances when they arrive.  The challenges and fears we face build us into stronger images of ourselves.  So keep going and have courage, you can do this.

So Here I Am


So today is the first time in 6 months that I haven’t been consumed with studying.   I have been going through a program that has been difficult to say the least.  Far harder than any college I’ve ever experienced. For 6 months straight I’ve sat through 6 hours of class, and studied on average 4 hours after that on my own.

So it’s weird to be at a point where I don’t have that.  It’s weird to be sitting here writing this not thinking (I better hurry and finish so I can get back to studying).  In those six months I’d be lying if I said there weren’t times I wanted to quit.  That there weren’t times I wanted to give up.  But I knew why I was doing this, I knew my why.  And that got me through.

When we start something new we get really excited.  After all, it’s something new!  But then the newness wears off, and we realize that getting to the top of that mountain where our dream lies takes a lot of hard work.  We realize that it sucker punches us when we are least expecting it, and we realize the path takes turns and twists we never dreamed.

When the lights are out and you are crawling blind folded up the path, remember your why.  Remember why you started.  Think about how you will feel if you quit.  Yeah it might be nice for a week, but you’d live with regret.

So no matter what’s at stake, keep pushing forward, keep being bold, and stay disciplined. You can do this.

Next Steps


Sometimes taking a new step can be scary.  Eight months ago I left home, left my wife and daughter in order to pursue something that would better all of us.  It’s been difficult. Being away for that long from my family is not the easiest on either me or my family.  But we knew it was what was best.

Both my wife and I believe in going hard after your dreams, going boldly towards things that many just talk about.

While that sounds awesome, the truth is that often when we take steps towards dreams and goals, it’s not a pretty journey.  Sometimes the way is paved with thorns, and mountains that seem to climb without ceasing.

We are nearing the end of our time apart, with just over a week to go.  It’s been a long journey, and a tough one, but looking back, we wouldn’t do it any different. We would still chase our dreams, and strive to go after things that seem bigger than ourselves.  I cannot wait to be reunited with them.

Eight months ago it seemed like this approaching day was out of sight, and now it’s within reach.  It was eight months that were very hard, but at the same time, if we hadn’t chosen this, we would both question forever if I had missed an opportunity.   Neither of us want to live a life of question or doubt.  And so with this chapter done, I head home soon, and begin a brand new one.

Chase your dreams.  Go after them.  The journey can suck sometimes, but it’s worth it in the end.

Take A Moment


It’s Saturday, another week is in the history books.  Before you start kicking butt this weekend take an hour or so out of your day and jot down some thoughts.  Grab a cup of coffee or tea.  Evaluate where you are in life.  Where you’ve come from, and where you’re going.

Take some time for you, to sit and be alone with your thoughts.

We need to conquer the world and do the best we can, but we also have to reconnect with ourselves in order to fully understand whether we are on track or not.

So get some alone time.  Make some new goals, and refresh yourself before chasing after your dream this weekend.

Best wishes on this weekend, hope it’s a great one.

Go For Gold


There’s no substitute for hard work.  No substitute, for taking that leap of faith when you can’t see the bridge.   That leap that takes your breath away, makes you want to scream, and makes you absolutely terrified.

Going after your dream is terrifying, it truly is.  People will try to tell you not take the “risk”, to play it safe and stay complacent where you are at, never growing, never stretching yourself.

But if you want new things you have to go new places, experience new things, and take a lot of risk.

It’s not always easy, and even after taking the initial plunge you may wish at times you could back to how things were, but tough it out and keeping moving forward because those regrets will fade and turn in to the things you love.

Don’t give up the fight.  You’ve got this.