Looking Back


Today marks my 300th blog. It’s hard to believe.  Looking back I can’t believe how far I’ve come, and at the same time I can’t help but wonder what the future holds.

Over the last 10 months my blogs have been a personal journey for myself, uncovering things I didn’t even know about myself, fleshing out ideas, thoughts, and opinions.

I hope that I have encouraged you and helped you to question things or maybe dive deeper into something you were unsure about.  Something I didn’t expect was to dive deeper myself.  I am the same person I was when I started and I definitely was faced with some challenging issues that I wrote about.

All this is why I so look forward to the next 300 blogs to come. I am excited to share with you more, to hear your feedback, your own stories, and I am excited to see what changes will come in my own mind.

Thanks so much for following my blog, without you it would just be words.  I look forward to our next 300 together!

Starting Again



Have you ever gotten down?  Failed miserably at something, or feel like something is going to fail?  It sucks, plain and simple.  You feel like you’ve worked incredibly hard at something and yet it still slipped through your fingers.

It happens.  It’s life.

We’ve probably all heard the saying if you fall off a bike or a horse the best thing is to get right back up and keep going.   This is true when we feel like we’ve failed.

It’s easy to sit in our pity, or moan about how hard we have it since we hit rock bottom, but it’s vital that at this point we get back up and start living again, start over.  Think of all the knowledge and new wisdom you will have, think of all you learned whether it was what not to do or what did work great.

You can start over, and it can be better than what you ever imagined.  Get going.

Digging Deep


Digging down into our personal lives hurts sometimes. It’s never easy to allow the crap that’s buried inside to come surfacing out.  We’d rather keep it locked away, we’d rather not talk about it, we’d rather lead everyone to believe that it doesn’t exist.

But it is there, down deep, where years of hiding, and forgetting has covered it up.  Like a dusty old box buried in the attic or basement.

When we start to uncover and start to pull the cobwebs off it hurts, like peeling a scab.  But there is good that come of it.  When we are honest with ourselves and with those around us about our mistakes, or about our mess-ups, it brings relief and freedom.

When we do this, if the people we open up to shun us, or turn their backs on us, they probably don’t need to be in your life.

It’s not worth hiding things.  Dig deep and get it out.  You’ll be glad you did.

Who Likes Conflict?


I doubt many people would say they enjoy conflict.  In fact most people I’ve heard hate it.  Why is this?

We pay millions of dollars every year to go see blockbuster movies that are all based around some type of conflict.  We are enamored by TV shows that deal with what?  That’s right: conflict.

I know I hate conflict.  And I’m starting to ask myself why?

Shouldn’t I appreciate it?  Shouldn’t I look at it as an opportunity to also come to a resolution?

No conflict is not always pretty, it’s often ugly, it’s the furthest thing from glamorous. But if I simply change my thinking and my mindset on the cause and effect of conflict, will I begin to view it differently and respond to it differently?

I’m not 100% sure, but I am interested in finding out.

Christians Are Too Modest





It seems there’s this underlying belief among Christians that we can’t be bold.  Can’t be successful, can’t be dream chaser, or out of the box people.

I don’t really know where this mentality stems from, I really don’t.  Should we be more successful in business, more successful in chasing and achieving dreams and goals?  Rather than this being the case, the opposite is true.  Why?  We know scripture, Jesus says you can move a mountain, but we pass that off as cute terminology.  He wasn’t being ‘cute’, it wasn’t a pict he posted on Instagram to motivate people, it was truth.

We have this false perception that if we are to be Christians we give all our belongings away and meekly wash people’s feet, and pray, that if it be God’s will he will drop something into our lap.

I believe in being humble in attitude, I believe in serving and washing feet, but God gave us a brain and abilities and talents to use, to work hard at.  He had some pretty harsh things to say to the guy who he entrusted money to and did nothing with it.

Make use of what God gave you.


Expect The Unexpected





We often have a huge fear of the unexpected…..what if this happens?…….what if this goes wrong?……what if it goes right?…..

We worry needlessly.  I’ve heard it said that most of the things that cause us the most fear never even happen.

So why do we fear the unexpected?  Think about it…..how many things have happened in your life that were unexpected and looking back you are glad they happened?  Something a friend did for you?  An unexpected surprise from your spouse?  Often time unexpected things cause us happiness not grief.

Now I’m not saying bad unexpected events never happen, they do.  But we can’t live our lives holding on to what “might happen”.  Embrace the unexpected, look for it, become it’s friend, and you just might find yourself a happier person for it.

Manic Monday!


For a lot of people Monday can be a dreaded day. Some of us have jobs we don’t really like, or the week just holds things we would rather not face.  It’s easy when Monday hits to lose the momentum, carefree spirit, and happiness that we had over the weekend.

I struggle with this some weeks (of course Tuesdays are my Mondays, but same dif).

It’s really important throughout our week of ups and downs to maintain focus.  It’s really easy to come home from work and be drained, whether it is physical, mental, or both.

Keep your mind in a good place though.  Instead of waiting to punch out so you can veg, look forward to punching out so that you can devote time to your dreams and goals.

Most of us have some free time during our workday, even if it’s just a break or our lunch hour.  Use this time to write down your goals, dreams, passions, brainstorm ideas for how to achieve them.

Work may be hard, but you can remain positive and stay on track for what your future goals are. Keep at it.  You will get there!




Long Week

hard work

The week is finally over for me.  I don’t know why, but this week has been incredibly long. One of those weeks you are glad is over.  I don’t even fully know why.  Regardless though I am content now to be sitting drinking some coffee, and catching up on some social media and writing.

My wife is busy studying (grad school fun), and my daughter is trying to figure out how to put on her mommy’s shoes while watching Mary Poppins, her 2nd favorite movie (2nd only to The Sound Of Music, she has a thing for Julie Andrews).

Honestly I feel a little lazy today, and despite working on some taxes for my wife’s business and reworking our budget, I am not doing much at all today.

The crazy thing….that’s okay.  We all need some downtime every now and then.  It won’t last long.  Tomorrow I will be going a mile a minute, and hitting the gym harder than ever, but for now.  I am enjoying the stillness.

The Hard Days


Have you ever had one of those days where you wish you could hide in bed all day? Sooner or later we all have one of those days.  We don’t really feel like going to work at the crack of dawn, we’re tired of our diet, or our exercise program.  We feel worn out, tired.

There’s one thing that really helps on days like this.  My wife and daughter.  Somehow they are more than enough motivation to be strong another day.  To work hard, to do my best to be honorable.

Sure that doesn’t mean every day I have it all together.  In fact rarely if ever is life all together.  Each day has its challenges, its hardships, its battles we must fight.

Don’t be afraid to be weak some days.  It happens.  Sometimes you do need to come home and take a nap, sometimes you do need a break and just rent a movie and chill with your friends, your loved one, or your spouse.

In fact it’s these simple pleasures that we find in those we love that make the hard days worth it.

You Can’t Be Professional



There’s this unspoken (and sometimes spoken) deal where people believe that Christians who become business professionals are somehow lower than those who go into “ministry”.  I’m not sure where this comes from.

Some think that someone who does something through prayer is better than someone who does something through a profession that they went to school for.

I think this stems out of fear.  People are afraid that they can’t be successful, That they can’t be professional and Christian at the same time. Or at least the two can’t coincide.  But the truth is God gave us the ability, talent, and creativity to become professional doctors, teachers, counselors, psychologists, etc.

If you are a “christian” in some type of profession don’t let people make you feel guilty, or try to tell you that your faith isn’t good enough and that prayer can solve the problems instead of your degree.

I’m not arguing that prayer can’t change people, it can.  But so can techniques and studies that have been proven by counselors, psychologist, and doctors.

People who think that professionals are lacking in faith  have some type of Christianese fear.  This fear is unfounded.

“Professionals” in different fields can make great strides to help people.  To believe otherwise is foolish, God put inherent traits in us to pursue and develop those gifts.  Yes I believe he wants us to use prayer too, but I think the two should coincide.