The Grip Of Fear


Fear has a really tight grip.  It latches on like a leech and doesn’t ever want to let go.  It can paralyze and keep us stuck like nothing else.

I’ve felt it’s grip before and learned the only way to fight it is cut it off.  It’s super painful too. Fear is something that comes in so subtly that we often mistake it for “common sense”, we mistake it for “safety”, and “comfort”.

But in truth it’s anything but those. It is a prison, a prison that we allow to be built around us. A prison we allow to cut us off from our dreams, our goals, and the things we know within ourselves we were born to do.

Stop flirting with fear.  It’s a deadly game.  Run from it, jump into the unknown, kicking and screaming but being fully alive.

What is Greatness?


What is greatness?  Having a ton of money?  Being wildly successful?

It’s a question that keep me awake at night.  On one hand I have the world that screams out fame, fortune, and success is greatness. But then I watch as those who have all those things destroy or take their own life.

Maybe they were searching for it too.

On the other hand I hear that greatness is becoming the least, that greatness is doing the things that most wouldn’t consider doing. That greatness is something to be given up, rather than sough after.

I fully believe in making the most of your life.  I don’t believe God gave us talents and abilities to squander and never do anything with.

It’s a question I continue to seek the answer to.

I Want To Be Better


I confess I can be a very selfish person sometimes.  I can get my head so wrapped around my own issues and I lose sight of the bigger things in the world.  I get so caught up in striving for my gain and I lose sight of those who need me to stop striving and to stop and help.

If there is one thing needed it’s kindness.  It’s self sacrifice.  It’s caring enough to stop and help.

It’s taking the time to look up from my screen and see the world around me.  Taking a step back and looking at what is around me. Because I all too often miss it.  Not just overlook it, but miss it completely.

I forget there are kids who will go to bed hungry tonight, or scared of what may happen to them while they sleep.

I forget that somewhere a man doesn’t know where his family’s next meal will come from. I forget that someone is contemplating living because they can’t remember the last time someone was kind to them.

Simple things. Simple things that I so often overlook.

I want to be better.

The Struggle


Struggle sucks.  We never like when we have to struggle with something. Who likes having to fight your way through something? In an ideal world everything would be smooth sailing with calm breezes and warm sunshine.

But things are not always ideal, and sometimes they are far less than ideal.

But that doesn’t mean we have to just wallow in the struggle.  Our viewpoint of it determines everything, much like our viewpoint with everything.

Our struggles are always preparing us for things we haven’t yet ran across.  Most of the time when we are struggling through something, we don’t have a clue why it is happening, we tend to blame people, blame ourselves, our circumstances, or our past.

But blaming doesn’t make it any better. The best thing we can do is remind ourselves that it will not last forever.  Struggles all come to an end, and when we hit our next one we will be that much more prepared to meet it.

Never Tell Me The Odds


People love to tell other people what can’t be done. They love to say that you can’t.  Much of this stems from resentment and fear that they can’t pursue their own dream.  It’s very easy to shoot down ideas as impossible. Whether you are shooting down your own idea or that of someone else.

But you have to take the odds and throw them out the window.  Odds don’t matter.  If you look at history, everyone who ever tried to do something great was shot down by everyone around them, but they persevered, ignored the odds, and achieved their goal.

Odds are simply numbers to be broken.  You can make it to your goal, you can make it to your destination, and regardless of what people say will or won’t work, go after it with all your heart.

You’ve got one shot at life, make the most of it, and look at the odds as numbers to defy.

You’ve Got This


What does it mean to be a winner? Does it mean you come in first?  Does it mean you beat everyone else?  Or does it mean something entirely different?

Winners are those who continue to fight, continue to bust through brick wall obstacles despite the pain.  Winners are those who may never actually win 1st place but still get up every day and run the race.

It’s not about simply winning the medal it’s not just about being the best.  It’s about trying again, and again, and again.

A winner is someone who looks at rejection and rather than quits, uses it as motivation to try even harder. A winner is someone who falls on their face, bloodies their nose, gets hurt, but still gets up and keeps moving with a dead-lock on the goal.

Winning doesn’t mean you always comes in first, it means if you come in dead last, you keep trying, and you keep going.

That is the true essence of a winner.

Face of a Lion



Have you ever heard someone say “I’ve always wanting to…(fill in the blank)”.  We all have big dreams, things we can sit back say “if this was different I’d do this or that”.  If only’s can rule our conversation.

If only’s kill our imagination and stifle our dreams.  It cuts us off from who we really are and keeps us from growing, keeps us from fulfilling our dreams and making the come true.

The truth is if you want something, I mean really want it and it’s not some passing fad, you can make a way to achieve it.  You have to set your face like that of a lion.  Unflinching, with fearlessness, tackle your problems, tackle your challenges.

If you want a different life, you won’t get it by doing the same old things you always do.  That may sound incredibly obvious and yet so many of us tend to stay stuck on that same things and we somehow expect different results to come of it.  It’s just not going to happen.

You want a different life?  Start making steps that you haven’t before.  Don’t let fear of the unknown cripple you, because all your worst case scenarios are only in your mind.  Set your face like a lion and step forth with boldness.  You can do this, and you were meant to do this.

Stop Waiting For Perfect



There’s a really big hold up to living our lives to the fullest.  In truth I only know because it kept me from getting out and living my life for far too long.  The thing is I held back for so long because I didn’t know what that one perfect thing I wanted to do was, that one thing that would bring me life.

And then I realized something, if I kept waiting around for that one thing, years would go by and I would never do anything.  That made something finally click with me, and I realized there is no perfect thing.  The only way we find out what we have a passion for and what we want to do is by trying new things.

Yes it’s scary as crap, but just do it, stop saying should I and just take some chances. Even if they don’t turn out to be that one thing you want to do, you will have experienced some life, and you will be that much closer to finding what you do want to do.

The Long Haul


Life is very fast paced. Appointments, deadlines, work, family, kids, college. It gets busy. Then there’s the gym. The gym is such a part of me that I feel really weird if I miss 2 days in a row.
    Is it a discipline? Absolutely.  Even after the years I’ve worked out, I still have days I don’t want to go. But it’s kind of like work.  Sure some days I don’t want to. But I have to.
     With the fast paced life we want fast results in the gym. We want to get our “beach body” by going to the gym 2 weeks befor summer.  But it just doesn’t work like that.
    It takes time. It takes sacrifice, it takes pushing yourself when you don’t want to and it takes eating good.
    If it was easy everyone would do it. But true results take time. Be patient ad stick through  it.  Day by day. Week by week you can do this. Work hard and it will pay off. You’ve got this.